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“We‘re very happy with the newly installed projector system. Many people come to our theater repeatedly, and they comment that the images are now better. The system is easier to operate than before, and the staff is also pleased with the new system."

Manager of the All-Around Theater

Why Choose Panasonic?
  • - The compact, lightweight body and a wide lineup of lenses flexibly meet a variety of projector replacement needs.
  • - High brightness and high picture quality ensure breathtakingly beautiful images for large-screen projection.
  • - A high level of reliability supports the total cost of ownership (TCO).

The Japan Air Self-Defense Force safeguards the skies of Japan. Hamamatsu Air Park exhibits jet fighters and defense equipment and also introduces the activities of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force.
The All-Around Theater, a popular attraction at the Air Park, was renewed in April 2015. In the renewed theater, Panasonic projectors are used to provide dynamic images.

Air Park – a theme park for seeing and experiencing the activities of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force

Most people do not have many opportunities to know the activities of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force except for those reported by the media. In view of this, Air Park, the only information center in Japan for the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, opened in the JASDF Hamamatsu Air Base in 1999. At the Air Park, visitors can see actual retired fighter jets and defense equipment on display, operate simulators and try on a flight suit. The Air Park offers various attractions that people of all ages can enjoy.

The All-Around Theater is among the most popular attractions at the Air Park. Visitors become glued to the dynamic images that expand panoramically above their heads, such as the acrobatic flight of the Blue Impulse jets. The image projection system has recently been upgraded from the previous film system to a projector system. Panasonic PT-DZ10K 3-Chip DLP™ Projectors were selected.

Huge All-Around Theater measuring 15 m in radius.

PT-DZ10K selected to advance the system from film to digital

From its opening in 1999, the All-Around Theater used a 70-mm film system. It was an image display system with a proven track record for use in planetariums. However, it was decided to replace that system with a digital system since the general trend is moving toward digital and also because digital is advantageous in producing content. The staff examined a number systems, and selected a system configured with Panasonic PT-DZ10K 3-Chip DLP™ Projectors.
The system was adjusted so that images projected on the large 360-degree semispherical screen form a single continuous image. The large, clear images are very popular with the staff and visitors.

Projector platform at the center of the theater.

The left unit projects images on the front side of the screen. The center unit uses a mirror to project images on the screen behind the audience.
The right unit projects images upward.

PT-DZ10K units installed next to the screen.

Various digital advantages help to improve park service

With the previous film system, the film had to be rewound after each showing. That was not only cumbersome but also took time, thus limiting the number of shows per day. With the digital system, it's possible to switch to the next content immediately. The All-Around Theater accommodates 120 people. It currently offers six shows a day, maintaining the same schedule as before. On Saturday and Sunday, all numbered tickets for the day ran out in the morning. So, some visitors who came to the Air Park for the show had to go home disappointed. It won't be long before the theater increases the number of shows so that all visitors can enjoy the show.

Built-in operation panel in the theater.

The video rack is less
than half the size of
the previous system.

The Air Park is so popular that a visit to this facility is included in the courses of many bus tours. In 2014, some 420,000 people visited the Air Park. Thanks to the rare opportunity to see actual jet fighters and the detailed explanations of displays given by the guides, many visitors come to the Air Park repeatedly. There's a plan to add new hangers to the existing facility in the future to display more airplanes. The content shown at the theater will also increase to provide greater enjoyment to visitors.

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