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NHK Media Technology, Inc.

A Leading Company with Specialized Technical Expertise in Program Production and Information/Network Technology

Founded in 1984 as an affiliated company of NHK, NHK Media Technology, Inc. supports the production of television and radio programs through the development and operation of essential systems for broadcasting, reporting, and marketing. The organization leverages the latest information and network technologies to meet diverse needs, including the creation of compelling 8K Super Hi-Vision content, 3D Video, and VR (Virtual Reality) technologies.

8K Super Hi-Vision Large-Screen Projection

About 650 companies gathered at 4th Live Entertainment Expo TOKYO in May 2017 to display their latest products, but it was NHK’s 8K Super Hi-Vision Theater that stole the show. Featuring 8K images resolving 16 times the detail of standard Full HD televisions, and augmented by 22.2-multichannel stereophonic sound, the theater program drew over-capacity crowds of 6,560 people in three days. To deliver an 8K Super Hi-Vision experience, NHK Media Technology, Inc. installed four 27,000-lumen PT-RQ32KJ SOLID SHINE Laser 4K+ projectors and a wide 300-inch screen in the theater space. A seamless picture was achieved by edge-blending quarters of a native 8K image using four 4K+ Panasonic projectors. This event was the first time the new high-brightness PT-RQ32KJ model was deployed in Japan, and the audience was captivated by spectacular visuals from the moment the program commenced.

Stunningly vivid and lifelike 8K Super Hi-Vision images projected onto a 300-inch screen. Image: “DRUM TAO at Kuju-kogen in Kyushu”, © NHK.

Unprecedented Picture Quality Served with High-Brightness 4K+ Laser Projectors

PT-RQ32KJ projectors deliver an impressive 27,000 lumens ANSI at 4K+ resolution (5120 x 3200 pixels with Quad Pixel Drive on). Four units were set on scaffolds in landscape orientation at the rear of a temporary theater featuring a seated and standing capacity of 100 people. Mr. Tomohide Shibata, head of Business Development Department at NHK Media Technology, Inc., commented: “We are very satisfied with the bright picture quality. We previously used the Panasonic PT-RQ13KJ in our 8K theater, but the PT-RQ32KJ is even brighter again, and is capable of expressing more lifelike images.” High contrast comprises an essential element of natural visual expression. Frame-by-frame digital scene-linking modulation ensures precise laser output adjustment for contrast of 20,000:1, making it possible for the projectors to render pin-sharp details when bright and dark scenes frequently interchange.

Experience smooth motion rendition with digitally modulated 20,000:1 contrast for natural image expression.

Effortless Multi-Screen Installation and Setup

Four PT-RQ32KJ 4K+ projectors (plus one unit as a failover backup) created an 8K Super Hi-Vision image on a single 300-inch screen, with each unit reproducing one quarter of a native 7680 x 4320-pixel image. Panasonic’s sophisticated edge-blending function merged adjacent images to present a single 8K image. Picture uniformity across the whole screen was enhanced with optional Auto Screen Adjustment (ET-CUK10). The plug-in expands the functionality of Geometry Manager Pro software for PC, enabling automatic geometry correction; multi-image edge-blending; and color, black-level, and luminance control via a compatible connected camera. This greatly simplified and expedited installation. “We had to make a few final adjustments,” said Mr. Shibata, “But other than that, Auto Screen Adjustment reduced so much effort in setting up multiple projectors.”

A team of four PT-RQ32KJ laser projectors working together to create a spectacular 27,000-lumen 8K Super Hi-Vision image.

For Stable, Consistent, Lasting Performance, Choose Panasonic SOLID SHINE Laser

With Panasonic SOLID SHINE Laser technology, images appear almost instantly when powering up. There’s no need for warm-up or cool-down periods, and the power can be turned off immediately without damaging the projector. Continuous operation is also a capability applauded by professional users, as “it’s much easier to handle compared to the conventional lamp projector,” according to Mr. Shibata. At just 83 kg (without lens), the PT-RQ32KJ is much lighter than other 4K projectors, making it easier to transport and install at events; to rig on scaffolding at any angle thanks to free 360-degree orientation capability; and to configure for permanent installation in theaters, auditoriums, and exhibition spaces. This extraordinary flexibility and compact size is already winning strong support from rental and staging professionals around the world.

High brightness is delivered from an extremely compact body.

Proprietary software with optional plug-ins conveniently configure, calibrate, and manage multi-projection networks from a single PC.


Panasonic Collaboration Brings 8K Hi-Vision to the Mainstream

“With Tokyo Olympic Games approaching, the promotion of high-definition 8K images is expected to become more widespread. There will be more opportunities for public viewing and visual events.

“With this in mind, we will continue to provide technical support for broadcast stations, of course, but also develop our own content even more. Prevalence of high-definition imaging cannot be achieved without the development of projectors and displays.

“We therefore strive for a higher level of visual expression through cooperation with Panasonic to promote exchanges in technological expertise.”

Hidetaka Isomura

Mr. Tomohide Shibata, Department Manager
Business Development Department
NHK Media Technology, Inc.

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