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New-Style Outlet Mall Revitalizes Region with Focus on Experiential Consumption

Managed by AEONMALL Co., Ltd., THE OUTLETS HIROSHIMA is located in the recently constructed town of Seifu Shinto Green Fort Sorano. The commercial complex revitalizes the surrounding region by combining three concepts: entertainment, outlet shopping, and community encounters, all within a space that celebrates the many charms of Hiroshima.

Open in April 2018 as the biggest outlet mall and entertainment facility in the Chugoku-Shikoku region, the complex is also home to many smaller shops carrying local goods and specialties.

Installation Concept

Repurpose a Retired Tram to Symbolize Local Appeal

Situated on the first floor of THE OUTLETS HIROSHIMA, Naminowa Garage offers a variety of exhibits that welcome visitors to the culture of Hiroshima and Setonai. It’s here at Station Court that 11 Panasonic laser projectors help create The Warp Tram, the largest indoor permanent projection-mapping display in the Chugoku-Shikoku region. Images are projected onto a Type 70 tram—beloved by local residents along the Miyajima Line and in Hiroshima City—which was donated by Hiroshima Electric Railway to promote the development of the new township and region as a whole.

As an installation planner, Hiroshima Home Television Co., Ltd. tested several projector brands under diverse conditions, deciding on Panasonic’s PT-RZ970JB and PT-RZ770JB laser projectors for their ability to deliver high brightness and contrast required for clear projection on the tram. Another important factor in choosing Panasonic for permanent installation in the busy outlet mall is their low maintenance, which translates into reliable, long-lasting operation even in dusty conditions.

In bright ambient conditions, the stunning contrast, intensity, brightness, and saturation of the colors still captivates visitors to the mall.

System Introduction

Ideas and Details Supported by Superb Performance

Hiroshima Home Television Co., Ltd. hired AR 3 Bros, one of the most famous development units in Japan, to handle content creation.

“With the facility’s concept of ‘Grassroots Locality’ in mind, we planned a tour for AR 3 Bros around Hiroshima City by tram so they could get inspired by something that might add to their own creation,” explains Mr. Harufumi Yamashita, Director of Mapping Office, Administrative Strategy Department at Hiroshima Home Television Co., Ltd. “As a result, the installation gives us the sensation of warping from the city of Hiroshima, through the world, and out into space.

“There were a number of challenges facing us. Short-range projection onto the uneven surfaces of the tram made modeling and blending a challenge. Extremes in color-adjustment were necessary due to changes in the size of the facility’s aperture to natural light, which had a huge influence in terms of interior lighting. Our creation was only just realized when we overcame these hurdles,” Mr. Yamashita concludes.

Thanks to their continuous efforts, and with the aid of the projectors’ Geometric Adjustment function, visitors can now enjoy the richly detailed and massively dimensional image on the surface of the tram and on the floor.

Surprising Audiences with Free Participation

“Our aim is to amuse visitors with the environment, not to just exhibit a tram,” says Mr. Yoshiki Hyodo, General Manager of THE OUTLETS HIROSHIMA, AEONMALL Co., Ltd.

His comments highlight the facility’s participatory system, where spectators are free to choose the tram’s destination and color simply by scanning a QR code with their smartphone and navigating to a website.

“I’m confident that we’re offering extraordinary content as an experience. It’s really nice to see people young and old gather around and enjoy themselves together, regardless of their age.”

A virtual design appears on the surface at the point of departure…

… And follows a visual imagining of how the tram travels beyond space-time.

The projector array creates a seamless image on the floor and up the side of the tram.

The PT-RZ970JB is used for projection onto the tram.

The PT-RZ770JB handles floor projections.

Participation is encouraged by allowing visitors to choose the tram’s destination and color via their smartphones.

To maximize visibility, the whole tram body is painted silver with windows covered in a special film.


“We hope to contribute to our community by offering a place where all the people can be surprised and pleased by what happens there.”

Yoshiki Hyodo

Outlet Business Department

“Projection-mapping demands continuous adjustment in permanent installations. It’s our duty to pay full attention to the details so that we can offer attractive content with best quality.”

Harufumi Yamashita

Director of Mapping Office
Administrative Strategy Department
Hiroshima Home Television Co., Ltd.

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