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Installed system:
 Spatial show video display system (AcroSign signage solution)*
Date of installation:
 March 2019
 Kanto region, Japan

* Available in Japan only.


Convey Japan’s appeal and hospitality to visitors arriving in Japan.


Place projectors and displays along nine arrival concourses to produce large-scale spatial shows of welcoming video scenes.

Until now, the concourses surrounded by white walls were just for walking. Thanks to these spatial shows, visitors are now enjoying themselves as they walk along the concourses with looks of wonder.

Narita International Airport Corporation

General Manager
Market Development & Planning Office
CS Development & Plannning Development
Marketing Devision

* Affiliation as of March 2020.

Providing high quality services as Japan’s representative gateway to the sky

Narita International Airport Corporation which operates Narita International Airport announced a large-scale renewal in 2018 to raise the value of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Various service reforms have been implemented in advance of the 2020 Summer Olympics such as automating various procedures, installing easier to understand guidance displays, and producing a welcoming mood.

 1-1 Aza-Furugome, Furugome, Narita City, Chiba, 282-0004, Japan

Photo contributed by: Narita International Airport Corporation

Background of System Installation

Visitors can enjoy themselves as they walk along the long corridors heading to immigration check

All-time records have been set in terms of the number of international arrivals and departures to and from Narita International Airport from January to December 2019 for five consecutive years since the airport opened, and in terms of the number of foreign visitors to the airport for six consecutive years (over 18.22 million people). To accommodate the annually increasing number of foreign visitors, Narita International Airport Corporation has focused on refurbishing the arrival concourses that visitors first walk down upon arrival. Until now, the arrival concourse was positioned as a corridor surrounded by white walls heading toward immigration check. The plan for a large-scale spatial show was begun in order to convey a welcoming spirit using these long and vast spaces.

Reasons for System Installation

Projectors and displays have been placed making use of the features of each aread

Spatial shows were produced at a total of nine arrival concourses at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. In wide spaces, large screen projection was achieved using a maximum of six projectors. Liquid crystal displays were employed to maintain brightness in places with external light from windows, and a multi-display with a total length of 28m was built by stringing together a maximum of 26 large 80V displays. Mr.Hiraoka,General Manager of the CS Development & Planning Development who was in charge of this plan remarked, “when I requested a proposal for a show that utilizes arrival concourses, we received a proposal for a large screen show that takes the environment of each area into account. I thought this would allow us to convey Japan’s appeal by showing spectacular videos and we decided to adopt it.”

Effects Achieved by System Installation

Large-scale spatial show utilizing 35 projectors and 68 displays

The video equipment set up at the arrival concourses in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 are comprehensively controlled by Panasonic’s digital signage solution “AcroSign” which enables automatic playback of the spatial shows according to pre-registered content screening schedules.

At Terminal 1, spatial shows are being presented in four areas. In three of these areas on the 4th floor, 18, 24, and 26 Full HD (1920 × 1080 resolution) liquid crystal display TH-80SF2HJ units are respectively linked together along the walls. In the South Wing on the 2nd floor, seven 12,000 lm 1-Chip DLP™ Laser Projector PT-RZ120JLW units are used to produce a video show. In either area, projectors and displays are placed in a straight line along the moving walkways so that visitors can watch the show on the move.

At Terminal 2, video shows are being presented in five areas. Six PT-RZ120JLW units have been installed at four areas, and four units have been installed at one area. The widest area has a projection area of 68m2. The show makes full use of this vast space that can only be found at an airport.

The content is comprised of repeatedly played back short videos so that images can be visually communicated to visitors on the move. The videos are scenes based on the themes of nature, culture, food, and weather which are four factors that attract tourists, and scenes of visiting foreigners travelling around Japan. They are intended to raise expectations at the start of a trip to Japan. Mr. Hiraoka remarked, “until now, the concourses have been just for walking down while surrounded by white walls. But thanks to this spatial show, we can now see visitors with expressions of wonder enjoying themselves as they walk. I think they are appreciating the good qualities of Japan.”

Horizontally long video content is displayed on multi-display.

700cd/m2 high luminance display that looks sharp even in a bright space.

Projectors are placed along a curving corridor to produce a 27m long spatial show.

Four projectors are used together to achieve seamless, large-scale projection.

In the event of a calamity, they can be used as tools to transmit emergency information

While normally used for spatial shows, Narita International Airport has prepared an emergency information display template in the event of earthquake or severe weather. As the screens are large, they can be used to transmit information instantly in large letters. Mr.Shiina of the Facilities Management Department remarked, “video equipment for which display information can be flexibly changed is an extremely effective means of transmitting information in emergencies. There are high hopes for its future application in transmitting timely information in rapidly-changing scenarios.”

: Spots where photos were taken

Narita International Airport Corporation
General Manager
Market Development & Planning Office
CS Development & Plannning Development
Marketing Devision

IT and Communications Systems
Facilities Management Department
Airport Operations Division

* Affiliation as of March 2020.

Equipment installed

  • PT-RZ120JLW x 35
  • TH-80SF2HJ x 68
  • AcroSign Management
    Server (complete set)*

    * Available in Japan only.

  • AcroSign STB (EM-JDSSC3STD)* x 9

    * Available in Japan only.