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Installed system:
 Projectors / Remote cameras
Date of installation:
 September 2019
 Kanagawa, Japan


Construct an environment where sharp and clear projected images enable people to concentrate on the training without dimming the lights.
Reduce the operation and maintenance burden including replacement of lamps and responses to equipment trouble.


Replace with high-brightness laser projector to best match the current usage conditions.

We were able to create an environment to increase the attentiveness and concentration of participants in long-hour training or meeting without causing stress to them with the bright and vivid projected images.

Takashi Ohtani

Chief, General & Legal Affairs Group, General Affairs & Promotion Department
Daiichi Sankyo Business Associe Co., Ltd.

Background of System Installation

Growing demand for brighter image displays during training and meetings

NEXUS HAYAMA is a multi-purpose communication facility of Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd. When it opened in 2011, comprehensive audio-visual systems were installed as tools to support active communication. As the importance of displaying reference materials and images in training and meetings is increasing in recent years, strong demand has grown for the update of the equipment so that sharp images can be displayed without dimming the lights. In response, Daiichi Sankyo examined the update of the existing projectors to brighter and more reliable projectors.

Reasons for System Installation

Reliable laser projectors capable of reproducing bright and vivid colors

Daiichi Sankyo’s most important requirement pertaining to the new projectors was the capability to display sharp and clear images on the existing large screens. The company also wanted to reduce the maintenance burden, such as replacement of lamps, and ensure long, trouble-free operation.
Consequently, Daiichi Sankyo selected Panasonic laser projectors that would not require the replacement of the light source or filter for 20,000 hours and that had a proven record of operation durability and stability.

Effects Achieved by System Installation

Sharp and clear images projected by the laser projectors

Daiichi Sankyo is a global pharmaceutical firm, so there are many situations, such as seminars and meetings, in which reference materials and images must be shown with accurate and delicate color reproduction. Mr. Takashi Ohtani, Chief in General & Legal Affairs Group, General Affairs & Promotion Department, recalls, “Images projected by the previous lamp-type projectors were sometimes too dark to see unless the lights were dimmed. So, there was strong demand for bright and sharp projected images.” For seminar room 21, which has a max. capacity of 300 people, Daiichi Sankyo chose the PT-RZ21K, 20,000-lm laser projector, as it matches the size of the installed screen. For the international conference room with three screens and the medium-scale seminar room, the company selected the PT-RZ120W 12000-lm laser projector. The laser projectors project high-brightness, high-contrast images to render detailed images with accurate and vivid color reproduction even if the room is brightly lit. “The update of the equipment has enabled us to display sharp and clear images without dimming the lights, so the participants can concentrate on the meeting or training with no stress,” says Mr. Ohtani.

Reduction of maintenance burden and responses to equipment trouble

NEXUS HAYAMA has 17 seminar rooms and meeting rooms of various sizes, and Daiichi Sankyo wanted to reduce the burden of equipment maintenance work. The projectors in Seminar Room 21 were mounted on the 4.3m-tall (14.11ft) ceiling so the replacement of the lamps in those projectors was a large maintenance load. Since the laser projectors do not require maintenance for many hours, they are expected to reduce the maintenance cost and hassle. Quick startup and quick shutdown is also a highlight feature of the laser projectors. Ms. Yumi Ohta, a NEXUS HAYAMA management staff member, describes the effect of the laser projectors she noticed, “Previously, when the microphone did not work, I usually had to restart the system. The previous lamp based projectors took a long time to restart, resulting in inconvenience to users. The laser projectors are extremely quick to start up. I appreciate that very much.”

The three PT-RZ120W projector units installed in the adjustment room project images onto the screens on the front wall inside the international conference room.

The five remote cameras were also replaced. The remote cameras are used for videoconferencing and livecasting of a seminar or the like.

Five PT-RZ21K units are installed in Seminar Room 21 where large training sessions are held. Three laser projectors project images onto the screens on the front wall.

Two PT-RZ21K units project images onto the screens on the side wall. This room allows flexible use of the space. For example, it can be divided into two rooms by the partition.

The control console is equipped with the remote camera controllers for remote operation.

The laser projector installed on the lifter in Seminar Room 11 is used when the partition is opened.

Two PT-RZ120W units are installed in Seminar Room 11.

System Configurations

Future Prospects

Further enhancement of overall audio-visual quality

The recent equipment update including the replacement of the existing projectors with laser projectors enhanced the quality and reliability of the image display environment. When we decide in the future to improve the quality of our audio-visual equipment, we look forward to Panasonic’s proposal of audio-visual equipment and systems that are easy to use in all aspects.

Takashi Ohtani

Takashi Ohtani
Chief, General & Legal Affairs Group,
General Affairs & Promotion Department
Daiichi Sankyo Business Associe Co., Ltd.

Yumi Ohta

Yumi Ohta
management staff member

Introduction of the Client

A gathering, study and communication base equipped with an international conference room and accommodation rooms

Daiichi Sankyo opened the multi-purpose communication facility in 2011. It is equipped with seminar rooms of various sizes including a large room with a maximum capacity of 300 people, international conference room with a videoconferencing system for international meetings, 190 accommodation rooms, cafeteria and lounge for mingling. This facility serves as a gathering, study and communication base for people inside and outside of the company.


NEXUS HAYAMA is located in Shonan International Village, a stay-type international exchange base.

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