Tokyo Portcity Takeshiba - Port Hall/Port Studio - Converting the Event Hall Wall into a Giant Screen: High Quality Video to Make for a Creative EnvironmentTokyo Portcity Takeshiba - Port Hall/Port Studio - Converting the Event Hall Wall into a Giant Screen: High Quality Video to Make for a Creative Environment

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Tokyo Portcity Takeshiba

Port Hall/Port Studio

Installed system:
 Laser Projectors
Date of installation:
 September 2020
 Kanto area, Japan


To create an event hall fit for a state-of-theart Office Tower as a hub for international business


Use 4K high brightness projectors to project high definition video onto a giant screen covering the entire wall surface

High definition video can be dynamically shown on a screen covering the entire wall surface. Visitors are sure to have a good time at diverse kinds of events.

Infield Inc.
Conference Coordinator
Hiroaki Hatsuse

*Affiation as of July 2020.

Large event hall and multipurpose studio with cutting-edge technologies

Tokyo Portcity Takeshiba is a smart city intended as a new international hub of business. Port Hall is situated on the 1st floor, and Port Studio on the 8th floor can be used for filming and photography, press conferences, and seminars, among other things. Both venues are equipped with leading-edge equipment and can be used flexibly for a variety of purposes.

 1-7-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Convenient access from three train stations: Hamamatsucho Station, Daimon Station, and Takeshiba Station.
Port Hall is situated on the 1st floor and can be linked to the hall exterior.

Background of System Installation

To develop a venue fit for a leading-edge Office Tower

Tokyo Portcity Takeshiba will be a new landmark of the Takeshiba area where redevelopment is taking place. Equipped with leading-edge smart city technology, the office tower will be a hub for international business. Located on the 1st floor is Port Hall which will open September 2020. Leading-edge video equipment was a requirement as Port Hall will serve as a venue for various uses such as international conferences, new product press releases, and e-sports events. According to Hiroaki Hatsuse of Infield Inc. who is responsible for the management of Port Hall, “Developing event space venues which utilize large-scale screens and projectors will be indispensable hereafter. We aspired to realize a venue fit for the office tower concept.”

Reasons for System Installation

Reproducing high resolution video on a giant wall screen

Port Hall is a large-scale event space which can hold approximately 350 people. The most prominent feature is the giant screen covering an entire wall surface utilizing two 400 inch screens. Two Panasonic 4K Laser Projector PT-RQ22KJ were used to project video onto this screen which is one of the largest in Japan. Hatsuse remarked, “I was very impressed when we actually projected video onto the screen: the images were bright and colors were vivid, the more detailed elements such as text were easy to read, and high resolution images were reproduced even on a giant screen.” The event hall was highly appraised not only for its visual staging, but as a venue for academic lectures which call for legibility of text.

Effects Achieved by System Installation

Equipped with gear to meet diverse event requirements

It is anticipated that Port Hall will be used for seminars and lectures, new product press releases and receptions. One side of the hall is equipped with a movable sliding wall. When opened, the hall links to the foyer space and front plaza which can be used to host public events. Considering it's various purposes, 16 types of screen projection patterns have been prepared. For example, it is possible to divide the screen into two or three sections and project the main video in addition to camera images. For e-sports events, the projection pattern can be changed with the press of a switch for an immersive experience. In addition to real events held on-site, the novel coronavirus pandemic is creating a rapidly growing demand in hybrid events by way of digital streaming. Remote cameras and a network environment have been prepared from the design stage which will enable seamless adaptation to new event formats.

Giant screen comprised of two 400 inch screens which cover the entire hall wall. Bright and colorful images are projected.

Diverse screen projection patterns have been prepared according to the intended use. Detailed elements such as graphs and text are displayed clearly.

Two units of PT-RQ22KJ are used to project video onto a massive screen

The hall can be utilized for receptions when the sliding wall on the left side of the hall is opened up to the foyer

Hybrid events can also be held by streaming digital recorded images using remote cameras.

A studio that can be used for diverse purposes such as photography and presentations

An environment for photography and presentations has been prepared at Port Studio located on the 8th floor of the Office Tower. This multipurpose hall is equipped with green screen curtains and light battens required for filming and photography, and laser projector PT-RZ870JLB for presentations. The hall can also be used for seminars, receptions, and social gatherings. Demand in the use of this studio for live streaming and webinars has increased due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. According to Hatsuse,“we anticipate the studio will be used for hybrid seminars which will livestream what is projected on screen. Our clients also feel that having equipment for this purpose on hand is a merit.”

Infield utilizes Panasonic Laser Projectors at various event venues other than Port Hall and Port Studio. Hatsuse remarked, “In the day to day management of this facility, it is indispensable that the equipment have superior maintainability and durability. On top of this, the laser projectors ensure beautiful images and high resolution which is why we have chosen to implement them in so many venues.”

At Port Studio, the laser projector PT-RZ870JLB projects clear images onto a 150 inch screen. Photography equipment such as chroma key green screen curtains are also available for use.

Comments from Infield Manager

Imagining the shape of new events to come

As event formats change due to the coronavirus pandemic, a management method will be required which will allow us to communicate the features of this venue and propose event plans that fulfill the diverse needs of the client. For this purpose, how video is used and staged will be key. We would like to develop new events applying our strengths in projecting high quality video onto a large screen.

Infield Inc.
Conference Coordinator
Hiroaki Hatsuse

*Affliation as of July 2020.

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