Immersive projection experience emphatically demonstrates what learning should be.Immersive projection experience emphatically demonstrates what learning should be.

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Yasuda Women’s University
Yasuda Women’s College

Traditional School Continues to Innovate with Eyes Toward the Needs of Contemporary Education

Yasuda Women's University, comprising seven faculties, 13 departments, and one junior college, is one of Japan’s leading women’s universities. Under the school motto “Tender Yet Firm Spirit” and since its foundation in 1915, the institution has developed excellent human resources who act independently in society with consideration for others and with proper comportment.

Illustrating the institution’s pioneering approach to education, 1st Building (completed August 2016) features an open-plan Learning Commons on the first and second floors aimed at developing autonomous learning.

Yasuda Women’s University and Yasuda Women’s College 1st Building was completed August 2016 following the institution's 100th anniversary.

Installation Background

Creating Valuable Experiences with Virtual Reality Projection

In April 2018, VSR (Virtual Study Room) opened in 1st Building with the program “R&D on Teacher Training System to Realize English Education in Elementary Schools.” For image projection, three Panasonic PT-RZ12KJ laser projectors with ET-D75LE95 ultra-short-throw lenses were adopted.

Mr. Ryuji Higashida, Manager of Property Division, Facilities Department, comments: “Still images, moving images, and Google Street View images captured with 360-degree cameras are used to create virtual reality programs. One of the purposes of VSR is to provide students with virtual overseas experiences during their training in Japan to enhance the effectiveness of English education.”

To create a sense of immersion, three large screens measuring more than 2 m (6.5 ft.) high are installed along three sides of VSR. The projections create a highly realistic sensation of actually being inside the scene.

Arranged three-dimensionally, three screens over 2 m (6.5 ft.) high show images taken by 360-degree cameras to achieve an immersive projection experience.

System Introduction

Ultra-Short-Throw Lenses Exploit Large, Triptych-like Screens

“We already incorporate Panasonic laser projectors in several locations such as classrooms, and know their superiority not only for projection, but also for low maintenance,” said Mr. Higashida. “We employ ultra-short-throw lenses in the Learning Commons and didn’t hesitate to use them again, as space-saving large-screen projection is prerequisite for VSR as well.”

Based on previous experience, 12,000-lumens PT-RZ12K projectors and ET-D75LE95 ultra-short-throw lenses were selected, the latter for their ability to achieve highly immersive projection. With this type of lens, the luminous paths from lens to screen never intersect, images can be displayed almost to floor level, and the presenter’s shadow doesn’t obscure the screen.

Panoramic Projection Using Footage from 360-degree Cameras

“Panasonic invested the greatest effort in the positional adjustment of images on the three screens of our installation,” said Mr. Higashida. “Images were tenaciously adjusted to the point where viewers couldn’t distinguish any seams and could enjoy one uniform projection.”

By virtue of the large three-sided screen, panoramic projection is possible using still and moving images taken by 360-degree cameras. To create content, teachers at the Department of Aesthetic Design and Technology edit and process images and materials gathered by various faculties and departments using specialized software. Presenters can adjust image viewpoints for more effective and realistic presentation.

  • Image viewpoints can be adjusted via a game controller for more immersive presentation.

  • Together with regular presentations, interactive lessons with participating international universities as well as other lectures using tablets and ICT devices are possible on a single screen.

  • ET-D75LE95 ultra-short-throw lenses support image projection onto large screens even in areas with limited space.

  • Presenters can switch screens using a tablet and adjust image viewpoints via game controller, which provides novel yet intuitive control.

Learning Commons Benefits from Panasonic Display Devices

Learning Commons is located on the first and second floors of 1st Building and provides spaces for autonomous learning. A variety of Panasonic display devices are installed in different areas—including projectors and LCD displays—for presentations and independent discovery.


New Adaptions in VSR Learning Will Follow Soon

“As well as putting VSR into practice for teacher-training purposes, we would like to create content for practical teaching by capturing scenes in each faculty and department with 360-degree cameras. It will help students learn in a whole different way. I’m expecting many new adaptations to emerge from that.”

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Yasuda Women's University
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