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Ookini Arena Maishima

 September 2016
 Takenaka Corporation, Nihon Stage Corporation, and Panasonic System Solutions Japan Co., Ltd.

A commitment to reinvigorating the spectator experience at Ookini Arena Maishima, located at Maishima Sports Island in Osaka, has seen introduction of Panasonic PT-DZ21K2J 3-Chip DLP™ projectors to help create the most immersive, multi-faceted in-game entertainment program in Japan. The new infrastructure made a spectacular debut at Osaka Evessa’s B.League basketball opening game in September 2016.

Ookini Arena Maishima has been home to Osaka Evessa since B.League formed in 2016. The modern facility comprises a main arena measuring 2,720 m2 (29,278 ft2) to accommodate about 6,000 people, and a multi-purpose arena with an area of 920 m2 (9,903 ft2).

The opening-game celebration blended projection mapping, music, and choreography, and was an impressive demonstration of the newly installed projectors’ high-brightness capabilities, which wowed the crowd with intensely vivid images.

Why Choose Panasonic?
PT-DZ21K2J features compact 41 kg body (without lens) to make high-brightness ceiling installation possible in situations with weight limitations
High 20,000-lumens ANSI output assures high brightness in stadiums and arenas
Original Real Motion Processor technology prevents afterimage effect while smoothing motion rendition
Reliable quad-lamp design provides failover protection in the event of lamp shutdown to maintain image display

Projection Mapping at the Core of Stage Production

Osaka Evessa management Human Sports Entertainment Co., Ltd. sought fresh ideas to promote its team and the experience of live sport as the 2016 B.League season opened with a home game. Internationally recognized media creative teamLab Inc. came up with a “4D staging” concept to work for this event and others in the future, it’s holistic vision encompassing custom visuals and live performance elements that hinge on convincing projection-mapped images on static and moving surfaces.

Decisive criteria for projector selection included top-tier brightness and resolution within strict size and weight parameters due to on-site rigging conditions. Further, it was important to have protection systems in place to resolve unexpected issues.

With performance proven at Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympics Games, as well as countless hours of failure-free staging operation at high-profile events, Panasonic’s PT-DZ21K2J 3-Chip DLP™ projector emerged as best candidate.

On-court projection mapping during the opening event generated high excitement as the venue immersed in light, vision, and sound.

The fire motif represents the Osaka Evessa team concept “Passionately, Majesty, Kingly—a passion always burning to fight in a dignified manner.”

Choreography performed by Osaka Evessa Danceteam bt integrated with virtual effects to create a compelling spectacle.

Creating Content to Entertain and Motivate

“The concept of Osaka Evessa staging is to do something not only that Japanese clubs haven’t done, but also something that even the NBA or any other league hasn't done,” said Mr. Ono of Spitz Corporation, a company involved with stage management since the club was founded in 2005. “We value forward-thinking ideas. If we decided to introduce projection-mapping to our home arena, we wanted to install the projectors permanently, and we wanted projectors that had the highest level of brightness and are able to get the job done smoothly.”

Spitz Corporation installed four high-brightness Panasonic PT-DZ21K2J projectors, each featuring 20,000 lumens brightness and Real Motion Processor technology newly developed to enable smooth and natural projection.

“The PT-DZ21K2J’s performance has been more than we can ask for,” Mr. Ono comments. “This production was collaboration with ultra-technologists teamLab, who created world-class content using light and sound, and its program just materialized at such a high level. I don't think there are many professional sports clubs in Japan that have a home arena with so many top-line projectors like this.

“Before the game starts, we introduce players, and there is a halftime, and we have a lot of programs to entertain the audience throughout the game as well on the Osaka Evessa x teamLab 4D stage. We make watching a game more like watching a show or large-scale event entertainment.”

About 6,200 fans attended Osaka Evessa’s opening game in 2016, which management says is likely the biggest for a pro-league basketball club in Japan. Projectors are in permanent installation on the ceiling above the main court.

The players make an entrance. A mix of projection mapping, LED vision, moving lights, and sound system wrap the whole arena in excitement.

Magical bt Digital Halftime Performance Flower of Light. Projection mapping is fundamental to performance staging.

From start to finish, staging was dedicated to “pursuit of all-out entertainment” in tandem with B.League’s approach to gameplay.

Positive Feedback from Spectators and Industry

“We hear from the audience that they enjoyed the performance,” said Mr. Isomura, Executive Officer at Human Sports Entertainment Co., Ltd., managers of both club and arena. “It’s also encouraging for Osaka Evessa players to be supported in a way other teams never experienced. We have people from variety of sports coming to see the projection, and every one of them says they wish they had that projection mapping system.” Mr. Isomura is highly satisfied with the projection-mapping installation.

Easy to Handle, Install, and Operate

The PT-DZ21K2J—developed from Panasonic’s “half” concept delivering class-comparable brightness from projector bodies about 50 percent smaller and lighter than competitive products—is installed at four corners of a scaffold hanging above center court. “We decided to install Panasonic projectors just before B.League had an opening game,” said Mr. Ono. “With limited time to prepare, we needed to install LED vision, the scoreboard, moving lights, and speakers, so it was helpful that these Panasonic projectors are so lightweight and compact. Also, we can view the projector’s condition and operate the units remotely from a laptop over a single LAN cable. So it's very easy to manage.”

A key factor in the PT-DZ21K2J’s selection was an ability to deliver requisite brightness safely inside the scaffold’s load-bearing limitations.

Scaffold assembly can be raised or lowered for routine projector maintenance.


“The projectors have became indispensable for Osaka Evessa. But other teams that come to Ookini Arena Maishima can also use the projectors. I hope they make the most of them.”
Hidetaka Isomura, Executive Officer, Osaka Evessa

“Productions need to be changed constantly, and I’d like to keep working to allow people to experience something they never have before and surprise them. It would be great if more people were attracted to basketball and sports in general by having amazing experiences watching Osaka Evessa games.”
Yusuke Ono, Spitz Corporation

Hidetaka Isomura

Hidetaka Isomura
Executive Officer
Osaka Evessa

Yusuke Ono

Yusuke Ono
Spitz Corporation

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