Moscow International Festival "Circle of Light"Moscow International Festival "Circle of Light"

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Moscow International Festival "Circle of Light"

The Moscow International Festival “Circle of Light” is an annual event at which light and graphic designers utilize the urban space of Moscow as a canvas for multimedia and light installations.

Panasonic flagship projectors strongly supported the festival and set a Guinness world record for the “Largest Projected Image.”

Why Choose Panasonic?
Strong support from Panasonic’s sales and engineering personnel and Panasonic’s achievements in the past for projection mapping.
Cost-effectiveness (low power consumption, compact and lightweight body) helps to dramatically reduce the costs of large-scale projection.
The four-lamp system provides a high level of reliability.
High brightness and high picture quality.
The Multi-Screen Support System, Geometric Adjustment function and optional upgrade kit (ET-UK20) for seamlessly edge-blended images on an intricate facade.

Moscow’s iconic cityscape was transformed into
a spectacular illumination "Circle of Light"

  • For the festival, Russian and international designers and artists produced light and multimedia shows, creating projection mapping on the facades of the most notable buildings, cultural monuments and other facilities in Moscow as well as integrating their creative ideas into the architecture of the city.
    A group of buildings for the Ministry of Defense, on Frunzenskaya Embankment, Moscow, was selected for the biggest European illumination show. A spectacular performance from 6 video-mapping novels was made by master-artists from Russia, France, UK and UAE.

An unprecedented attempt to produce
the world’s largest projection show

Projecting on the facade of buildings, stretching for more than 19,000 square meters, was an unprecedented attempt for the world record. The projection was formed by 137 Panasonic PT-DZ21K2 Series and PT-DZ21K Series projectors across eleven towers at the riverside and on the roofs of buildings.

Yuji Ido, system engineer of Visual Solutions Business Division from Panasonic, said, “This building is really big. The width is 280 meters and the height is around 50 meters. Due to the size of the building we had to place the projectors on several levels to make one unified picture. It has taken a lot of time and technical skills to finalize the installation.”
“To realize such a project we had to accumulate the projectors from many Russian and European rental companies and have additional technical support delivered from Japan.”

On all sides, the PT-DZ21K2 and PT-DZ21K Series were a perfect choice for a Guinness-worthy show. The PT-DZ21K2/DS20K2 and PT-DZ21K/DS20K 3-Chip DLP™ projectors boast 20,000 lm of brightness and high picture quality that sufficiently covers a vast surface. And their compact and lightweight body made it easy to stack into towers. Moreover, the series provides versatile functions and flexible installation features including Multi-Screen Support System, Geometric Adjustment function and a wide range of optional lenses.

Geometry Manager Pro Software and the ET-UK20 Optional Upgrade Kit were used to support real-time geometric adjustments and corrections
for the multi-projector setups in detail.

The huge accomplishment surprised the assembled crowd

Under the cloak of night, dazzling light created an astral picture and sparkling plot on the gigantic facade. The assembled crowd was totally overwhelmed. A splendid light projection on the buildings of the Russian Defense Ministry later set a new Guinness world record for the largest projected image and this major achievement led to even greater success for the large-scale event.

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