Thai literature come to live with Panasonic projectorThai literature come to live with Panasonic projector

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  • For the first time in Thailand’s history, a total of 20 3-Chip DLP™ PT-DZ21K2 projectors became part of a new world-class live performance event called KAAN SHOW. The show blends live stage-performance with futuristic projection mapping techniques on a massive curved screen to make a fantasy world inspired by classic Thai literature come to life.

    The show is staged at SINGHA D’LUCK Cinematic Theatre, which is located in the resort city of Pattaya. The theatre was conceived as a “levitating space” with the lower part of the building made of glass and the space beneath narrow and deep to give visitors the impression the upper level is floating in space.

Why Choose Panasonic?
High brightness and superior picture quality
Compact, lightweight body to make ceiling installation easy
Wide range of lenses to support any throw distance

Gigantic 600 m2 Curved Screen Delivers the Ultimate Viewing Experience

In order to fully cover this massive 600 m2 (6,458 ft2) screen area, advanced edge-blending technology was required to form a single seamless image. With a screen width of 43 m (141 ft), accurate geometry software was also needed to ensure that the image fit the screen dimensions perfectly and without distortion.

Panasonic’s mapping technology enabled projected images to interact with performers on stage. Thanks to the PT-DZ21K2’s high contrast of 10,000:1, color brilliance and natural shading and gradation quality provided a convincing virtual environment for the live performance.

The screen height of 14 m (46 ft) proved one of the most challenging aspects of the installation. A total of 20 projectors were required to cover this large screen. What made an installation of this size and scale possible, within the mass limitations imposed in the ceiling-mount environment, was the exceptionally light weight of the PT-DZ21K2. At just 42 kg (93 lbs), the projector is half the weight of some competitive models with the same brightness.

The other criteria that persuaded the theatre’s technical team to choose Panasonic was lens compatibility. The show called for a performance area of 1,000 m2 (10,763 ft2) and a massive projection area of 1,500 m2, however, projection length within the theatre was limited. Thank to Panasonic’s wide selection of lenses to suit its 3-Chip DLP™ projectors, from zoom and fixed focal-length lenses to ultra-short-throw units for rear projection, complete and seamless coverage was achieved without trouble.

About the Business

Panjaluck Pasuk Co.,Ltd. is the owner and operator of SINGHA D’LUCK Cinematic Theatre. The company’s vision is to elevate Thailand’s entertainment industry and make it a major force to be reckoned with on the international stage. The company’s latest masterpiece, KAAN SHOW, presented by SINGHA CORPORATION, looks set to position Thailand for international acclaim with its fusion of world-class live performance and state-of-the-art cinematic technology, delivering a spellbinding show that highlights Thailand’s rich cultural heritage.

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