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Expo Milano 2015

Alitalia/Etihad Airways Pavilion:
Working in partnership to deliver a first class experience

Etihad is very big on using technology. Panasonic immediately came to mind because
we have been working with them for a number of years on in-flight entertainment systems.
The idea was to be one of the best technologically sourced pavilions here,
and so far I think we’ve done just that.

- Johann Joseph, Digital Content Manager at the Etihad Pavilion

Why Choose Panasonic?

  • - Strong relationship with Panasonic for many years.
  • - Easy setup by using the Wall Mounting Bracket for a Panasonic video wall.
  • - Panasonic combined the equipment described here to create an interactive zone.

Etihad at Milan Expo

Etihad invites you to come and discover its innovative pavilion inspired by the concept "Connecting the World." Visitors are asked to join Etihad for a life experience that is educational and entertaining for the whole family. They can meet Edi and Alia, two biofuel friends, learn from celebrity chefs showcasing their talent and secrets and even test their flying skills on one of two flight simulators.

1st Floor of the Pavilion

The Alitalia/Etihad Airways pavilion consists of two floors. Upstairs they have the VIP lounge, for Etihad and Alitalia gold and platinum members.
Downstairs, they show the public what they are about and what Abu Dhabi is about.

A dedicated Panasonic mounting frame with magnet alignment
and fast multi-screen color calibration simplified installation of the Ultra-Narrow Bezel TH-55LFV70 video wall.

5-Video Walls

Creating a visitor experience to remember

We’ve created interactive games and maps, and also use xbox connect cameras that allow visitors to interact with our mascots Edi and Alia.
It’s very family orientated.

  • Bright scenes

High-brightness panels with anti-reflection treatment assured maximum visibility even under strong artificial light.

A game using the video wall

This game introduces the cities that Alitalia/Etihad Airways flies to, and the routes that it takes, by playing a puzzle to complete a map within a limited amount of time.

Cooking up the right solution

One of the highlights of the pavilion is the Imagination Lounge, which is set up like a functioning TV studio. An AK-HC3800 HD Studio Camera captures regular cooking demonstrations that are streamed on to the Etihad Livestream channel.

All media was displayed flawlessly, helping visitors to visualize a voyage through the cuisines and cultures of the world.

These images are mixed live with separate feeds from two overhead AW-HE130 Pan Tilt and Zoom cameras. From a control room within the pavilion, show producers use an AW-HS410 live switcher to move between shots as appropriate.

“Our Imagination Lounge is set up like a functioning TV studio, where we can cut between various cameras and audio you can control, and screens showing the pavilion guests what the chef is doing,” said Johann Joseph, Digital Content Manager at Etihad.” “This is supposed to be a temporary building, but with the amount of technology within it, it feels very much like a permanent structure. I couldn’t imagine running the pavilion without the various technologies Panasonic has provided.”

Imagination Lounge, which is set up like a functioning TV studio.

The broadcast control room at Etihad Pavilion

Host a virtual meeting

Upstairs we have our VIP lounge. Panasonic has equipped a meeting room with a KX-VC300 Video Conferencing system, a Cisco spider phone and the TH-80LF50 80-inch Full-HD LCD display. The equipment is linked to an FZ-A1 Toughpad, which controls audio levels and allows participants to switch between input sources with ease, creating a professional work space.

Six 80-inch TH-80LF50 LCD displays with high 700-cd/m2 brightness and extra-tough build quality to handle continuous 24/7 use.

Alitalia/Etihad at Milan Expo

Johann Joseph, Digital Content Manager at Etihad, said, “Etihad is a technologically advanced airline that prides itself on providing an excellent customer experience. The Expo Pavilion is an extension of this. It’s about technology, sustainability and food and about trying to deliver the best experience using technology”.

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Equipment installed
  • Video Wall Displays TH-55LFV70 x 80
  • Multi Touch Screen TH-50LFB70 x 7
  • Indoor LCD Displays TH-80LF50 x 6
  • Video Wall Manager Auto Display Adjustment Upgrade Kit TY-VUK10
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