Case Studies

Expo Milano 2015

China Pavilion:

Why Choose Panasonic?

  • - High 6,000 lm/6,500 lm of brightness and superb picture quality.
  • - Dust-resistant cabinet and system integration flexibility.
  • - Eco-conscious design.

China’s pavilion “Land of Hope, Food for Life” unfurled over a large 4,590 m2 venue under peaked roofs styled on traditional Chinese farm houses, and successfully showed the progress made by the nation in the supply of wholesome and sustainably produced food. China’s desire to maintain harmony between mankind and nature was demonstrated through three themed areas highlighting the cultural importance of food and onward to exciting advancements in cultivation, such as a new rice-hybrid plant.

Bringing those ideas to life were groups of two and three Panasonic 1-Chip DLP™ PT-FD605C (PT-DX610) projectors, vertically mounted on the ceiling and shooting down onto a variety of interactive tabletop surfaces.

Excellent flexibility and a wide selection of optional lenses helped 1-Chip DLP™ PT-FD605C (PT-DX610) projectors to illuminate a variety of surfaces.

China also selected Panasonic’s outstandingly bright, flexible, and efficient LCD technology for both curved-wall and interactive-screen projection with the addition of four PT-SLX70C (PT-EX600) units.

Curved screens were no challenge for bright and efficient PT-SLX70C (PT-EX600) projectors.

Equipment installed
  • 1-Chip DLP™ projector PT-DX610 x 5 units
  • LCD Projector PT-EX600 x 4 units
  • Brazil Pavilion
  • Thailand Pavilion
  • China Pavilion
  • Intesa Sanpaolo Pavilion
  • Wine Pavilion
  • German Pavilion
  • Alitalia/Etihad Airways Pavilion
  • Japan Pavilion
  • UAE Pavilion
  • Poretti Beer Stand
  • Chile Pavilion
  • Venezuela Pavilion
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