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Expo Milano 2015

Japan Pavilion:
Immersed in harmonious diversity

Japan Pavilion had one of the largest scales of all the participating countries and joined a select group of popular pavilions that always had a long waiting line. Under the theme of "Harmonious Diversity", the pavilion tried a variety of approaches to introduce wisdom and skills that can be found in Japanese food and food culture.

Why Choose Panasonic?

  • - High brightness and high picture quality.
  • - The compact and lightweight body enables the projectors to be installed in various locations.
  • - Cost-effectiveness (low power consumption, compact and light weight body) helps to dramatically reduce the costs of large-scale projection.
  • - High reliability to minimize maintenance.
  • - Multi-Screen Support System (Edge Blending/Color Matching), Geometric Adjustment function for seamlessly edge-blended images onto specially shaped screens.

The beginning of the tour, PROLOGUE

In Japan Pavilion, the first room, titled "PROLOGUE," described the importance of mankind coexisting with nature, providing images and illustrations to express this theme.

Novel calligraphic works and paintings came onto the large screen and drew visitors into a journey to a remote eastern island nation. Since images were displayed over the entire surface of the front wall, Panasonic’s PT-DZ870 1-chip DLP™ projector was used to take advantage of its high brightness and high resolution. This expressed the theme even in a comparatively bright space.

The PT-DZ870 provided bright and clear
images even in a comparatively bright space.

HARMONY, invitation to rural scenery of the four seasons

In the "HARMONY" room, rural landscapes in the four seasons were projected on the walls and half-reflecting mirrors to give viewers a total spatial display. In order to project the images all over the room, a projection system with a combination of twenty Panasonic PT-DW640 1-chip DLP™ projectors and mirror reflection was used.
The PT-DW640 offers a wide lineup of optional lenses for virtually every application, and the ET-DLE085 short-throw zoom lens and mirror reflection did a very good job on this installation.
And a high-precision Multi-Screen Support System (Edge Blending/Color Matching) achieved seamless projection from multiple projectors.

Installation Image

A total of twenty PT-DW640 projectors were used.

  • Bright scenes

The latest projection mapping technology took visitors to Japan’s rural scenery in the four seasons.

The Diversity Waterfall let viewers experience
the most advanced technology

The "Diversity Waterfall", an installation consisting of a central column surrounded by a table, provided an interactive experience.
A total of ten PT-DZ870 projectors were used: four on the pillar and six on the table.
In order to project the image of a waterfall basin on the table, a projection system with a combination of six PT-DZ870 projectors and mirror reflection was used. The images displayed various photographs superimposed onto the image of flowing water, which required high resolution.
The PT-DZ870 excels in colouring performance, and offers high contrast, providing a remarkable projection of the blue waterfall in the dark space.

Six PT-DZ870 projectors provided the image of a waterfall basin on the table.

By touching the image floating in the waterfall basin,
visitors can see related displays of information.

The "Diversity Waterfall" gave an interactive experiences to visitors.

INNOVATION introduced Japan's creative solutions

The "INNOVATION" area wove an emotionpacked story of various solutions from Japan in response to the environmental problems faced by our planet.
A total of three PT-DZ870 projectors were used: one on the circular screen and two for the side screens. The PT-DZ870 provides superb colour reproduction, so that viewers feel the curving effect when the earth images are projected on the flat and circular screen.

A total of three PT-DZ870 projectors were used:
one on the circular screen and two for the side screens.

The MAIN SHOW, the perfect closing
for the visually rich exhibition

The "MAIN SHOW" was a restaurant-style theatre. Each visitor could enjoy the interaction using a media table with video display.
In the theatre, five PT-DZ13K 3-chip DLP™ projectors were used: one on the centre stage and four on the large screens. Because the large screens covered the entire wall, the image had to be both bright and high in quality. For this reason, 3-chip DLP™ projectors were used for this application.

PT-DZ13K 3-Chip DLP™ projectors were used for their bright and high picture quality.

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Equipment installed
  • 3-Chip DLP™ projector PT-DZ13K x 6 units
  • 1-Chip DLP™ projector PT-DZ870 x 17 units
  • 1-Chip DLP™ projector PT-DW640 x 23 units
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