Case Studies

Expo Milano 2015

Poretti Beer Stand:

Why Choose Panasonic?

  • - The ET-DLE030 ultra-short-throw lens allows large-screen projection from a short distance.
  • - The SOLID SHINE Series projectors maintain excellent image quality and superb 6,500 lm of brightness for a long time.
  • - Stable, maintenance-free operation and long-lasting reliability ensure prolonged outdoor projection.

Official beer producer for the Italian pavilion, Birrificio Angelo Poretti helped slake the summer thirst of visitors to its Art Nouveau Brewery. A full selection of its beer varieties was available for tasting in a pleasant outdoor area, including a special Poretti 7-hop Beer brewed specially for Expo Milano 2015.

Joining the party were four PT-RZ670 Series projectors—the world’s first 1-Chip DLP™ units to feature Panasonic’s original SOLID SHINE Laser optical engine technology delivering up to 6,500 lumens of brightness. Each was fitted with ET-DLE030
Ultra-Short-Throw lenses to light up the interior of individual dome shades with video presentations relating the Poretti story.

Ultra-Short-Throw ET-DLE030 lens allows installation in
confined spaces, in this case, under a dome shade.

SOLID SHINE 1-Chip DLP™ PT-RZ670 projectors combine superb image quality with outstanding endurance.

Equipment installed
  • 1-Chip DLP™ projector PT-RZ670 x 4 units
  • Ultra Short Throw Lens ET-DLE030 x 4 units
  • Brazil Pavilion
  • Thailand Pavilion
  • China Pavilion
  • Intesa Sanpaolo Pavilion
  • Wine Pavilion
  • German Pavilion
  • Alitalia/Etihad Airways Pavilion
  • Japan Pavilion
  • UAE Pavilion
  • Poretti Beer Stand
  • Chile Pavilion
  • Venezuela Pavilion
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