Case Studies

Expo Milano 2015

Thailand Pavilion:

Why Choose Panasonic?

  • - High 20,000 lm/8,500 lm* of brightness and superb picture quality.
    (* 20,000 lm for the PT-DZ21K. 8,500 lm for the PT-DZ870.)
  • - Multi-Screen Support System (Edge Blending/Color Matching), Geometric Adjustment function for seamlessly edge-blended images onto specially shaped screens.

Visitors journeyed through four aspects of Thai food culture under the theme “Nourishing and Delighting the World”. These themed areas aimed to reflect Thailand’s response to the issue of world hunger and to highlight the country’s efforts to develop sustainable food production, while offering patrons a chance to sample authentic Thai cuisine at a floating street market.
Another area of the pavilion (which was shaped like a traditional farmer’s hat) detailed food cultivation practices in Thailand.

Panasonic 1-Chip DLP™ PT-DZ870 units - chosen for their outstanding brightness, reliability, and features for multi-projector applications - were configured to create a color-drenched 360-degree panorama. These were joined by a further two PT-DZ870s projecting seamlessly edge-blended large-format video images onto a curved screen in a theater room.

(Hall 1 Golden Land) A network of 1-Chip DLP™ PT-DZ870 units used Geometric Adjustment and edge-blending
functions to create a stunning 360-degree panorama.

At the next hall, eight 3-Chip DLP™ PT-DZ21K projectors were mounted vertically to throw an ever-changing montage of images onto the floor.

(Hall 2 Kitchen to the World) The PT-DZ21K 3-Chip DLP™ projectors produced a vivid montage of images on the dark floor surface.

Equipment installed
  • 3-Chip DLP™ projector PT-DZ21K x 8 units
  • 1-Chip DLP™ projector PT-DZ870 x 8 units
  • Brazil Pavilion
  • Thailand Pavilion
  • China Pavilion
  • Intesa Sanpaolo Pavilion
  • Wine Pavilion
  • German Pavilion
  • Alitalia/Etihad Airways Pavilion
  • Japan Pavilion
  • UAE Pavilion
  • Poretti Beer Stand
  • Chile Pavilion
  • Venezuela Pavilion
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