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Panasonic projectors lit up the London 2012 Olympic Games
Projectors at the Opening CeremonyProjectors at Other Venues

In addition to displaying live images, a number of projectors showed images to set the mood for the competition venues.

Arenas > Badminton

A stack of two PT-DS20K projectors allowed the badminton venue to be captured with 40,000 lumens of brightness.
The rectangular image was used to cover the court size.

Badminton: Dual stacked PT-DS20K units projected downward to the floor.
Equipment installed : PT-DS20K

Arenas > Gymnastics and Basketball

When live images were broadcast from the competition venues, projector images were reflected onto the floor
for simple but dramatic live projection.


Pre-show performances were synchronized
to the images. The aspect ratio was 1:1 (square).

Basketball: PT-DS20K units, dual stacked

Brilliant images were projected downward to the floor
during the show.

Equipment installed : PT-DS20K

Arenas > Shooting

PT-DZ21K, PT-DS100X (PT-DS8500) and PT-DX800 projectors were used at the Shooting venue,
called the Royal Artillery Barracks.

Shooting: PT-DX800 were used for displaying competition scores on the main screen.
Equipment installed : PT-DZ21K PT-DS100X (PT-DS8500) PT-DX800

Arenas > Weightlifting

PT-DZ110X (PT-DZ8700) 10,600-lm projectors were used at the Weightlifting and entrance area of ExCel Centre.

Weightlifting : PT-DZ110X (PT-DZ8700) projectors were used in a dual stacked configuration.
Equipment installed : PT-DZ110X (PT-DZ8700)

A total 8 PT-DZ110X (PT-DZ8700) projectors were used outside ExCel Centre to show announcements
from inside the venue, and images of competition taking place in other venues.

Throughout the London Olympics, many countries set up houses and pavilions across London.
Giant screens were put up to broadcast performances and medal ceremonies, while many National Houses threw
on a range of cultural events, activities and exhibitions to promote their country for the duration of the Games.

Pavilions for Various Countries > Czech House

The Czech House provided a public viewing site using the PT-DZ21K Series and PT-DZ110X (PT-DZ8700) Series.
It featured a promotional presentation of Czech Republic.

Czech House
Equipment installed : PT-DZ21K PT-DZ110X (PT-DZ8700)

PT-DZ21K Series units were used to project onto a curved screen.

Pavilions for Various Countries > Casa Brazil

Casa Brazil

This special pavilion, which was constructed for the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games, displayed promotional images of Rio de Janeiro.

Equipment installed : PT-DZ21K PT-DZ6700

Pavilions for Various Countries > Sochi Park

This pavilion used special decor to introduce the city of Sochi, which will hold the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.
Sochi is a well-known resort area in southern Russia. This will be the first time in 34 years for Russia
to host the Olympic Games, since the Moscow 1980 Summer Olympic Games.

Sochi Park: PT-DZ110X (PT-DZ8700) Series units were used to project onto a polygonal shaped screen.
Equipment installed : PT-DZ21K PT-DZ110X (PT-DZ8700)

PT-DZ21K Series projectors with Edge Blending

Pavilions for Various Countries > Main Press Center

PT-DZ110X (PT-DZ8700) projectors were installed on both sides of the main press stage to present live relays
of the competition and other events.

Main Press Center
Equipment installed : PT-DZ110X (PT-DZ8700)

The London 2012 Olympic Games Closing Ceremony, also known as "A Symphony of British Music," was held on August 12 in the Olympic Stadium. The ceremony featured a number of British music artists, who appeared on large screens around the stadium.

Closing Ceremony

The projectors for the Closing Ceremony enabled an exciting and dramatic performance thanks to the mobility made possible by their compact size. This small, handy size kept the projectors from getting in the way even when placed next to the main stage.

Vertically installed projectors equipped with casters were moved around by a single person to display images onto a total of 4 screens mounted onto truck beds. * For more details about the Portrait mode, please visit the product page. The PT-DZ21K's light weight and low power consumption simplified handling.
Equipment installed : PT-DZ21K
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