Have any problems
or requests
in using AV equipment?

I want to keep using the current control system even if the display device in the hall is replaced!

I want to replace the display device, but can the current system be used?

You can continue to use the same control system by choosing a device that is compatible with Crestron Connected/AMX.

*All devices excluding the CQ2 Series are compatible with Crestron Connected.

The space is small, but I want to display video that will give a good impression of the entrance!

There’s no space to install a projector, and even if we projected images, it wouldn’t feel sufficient.

By using the Ultra-Short Throw lens, you can project powerful images even in spaces where there is no depth.

It’s a hassle to set the streaming content each time!

I wish I could sort them out according to the time and day of the week...

Set the streaming content with a PC according to the time and day of the week by using Content Management Software.

I want to hold training sessions and meetings while complying with social distancing!

I don’t want to gather people into one room and hold training sessions and meetings.

By using Screen Transfer, you can distribute a lecturer’s video to multiple rooms. Training sessions and meetings can be held in a dispersed manner.

I want to change presenters without moving seats during a meeting!

The video cable does not reach if you sit at a distance!

By using PressIT, changing presenters is easy without having to move seats. Switch with button operation.

I want to manage meetings smartly!

Which input is this computer connected to?

Inputs can be switched automatically according to the connected device by using the Power Management function. Start meetings more smoothly.

I want a conference monitor that is easy to see no matter where I sit!

The screen is difficult to see if you sit in a bad position...

With the wide viewing angle panel display, information can be shared with clear images from any seat.

I want to use mobile devices in meetings!

I want to project images from a tablet to a display.

Using a display with a USB Type-C terminal, you can connect a mobile device and give a presentation. Power is also supplied.

I want to easily manage the equipment in my company.

Having to make the rounds every day is a hassle!

By combining the Multi Monitoring & Control Software(free) and Early Warning Software (paid), you can manage equipment and check for problems on the management screen to deal with them immediately.

When an error occurs in the projector in the hall, I want to deal with it immediately.

I don't understand why the image does not appear!

The Info Monitor displays the status and error contents on the projector body. The cause of the problem can be immediately identified and dealt with.

I want to reduce equipment maintenance costs of lamp projector!

I didn't expect the maintenance cost to be so high!

Panasonic DLP Projector offer 20,000 hours of continuous operation with no maintenance required. No regular maintenance costs.