Wireless Manager ME5.0 FAQ

Answers are given here to questions concerning wireless connection of the Wireless Manager ME5.0.

Why can I not connect to the access point after using Wireless Manager ME5.0 on a computer with Windows Vista®? (The access point is not displayed on the Windows Vista® "Network Connection" screen.)
Unfortunately, this problem happens with some of the earlier versions of Wireless Manager ME5.0 (with version numbers that start with "501," such as 5.0 (5012, 5010, 5011)). Please download the most recent Wireless Manager ME5.0 and re-install it. Then use the following procedure:

Confirm the version
Download the application software

― Procedure After Re-installation ―

  1. Start up Wireless Manager ME5.0.
  2. Click "Close" to display the launcher.
  3. Click "Option" on the pulldown menu.
  4. Open the "Other" tab, then click "Settings" in the "Select Adaptor" row.
  5. Select "Wireless LAN" under the "Select Network," then select the disconnected adaptor, and click "OK."
  6. Click "OK" when the screen appears.
    If "■Message" is displayed, click "Yes."
  7. Click the "x" button to close the Wireless Launcher.