Wireless Manager ME5.0 FAQ

Why does the computer’s resolution change to 1024x768 pixels after installing Wireless Manager ME5.0 on a Windows® Vista® computer?
Yes, we're sorry to say that these problems do exist with certain computers. In this case, please do the following. (This operation can only be done by a person with Computer Administrator privileges.)
  1. From the start-up menu, click "All Programs" - "Panasonic Wireless Display" - "Deletion of Wireless Manager mobile edition 5.0," and proceed with the un-installation by following the on screen-.
  2. Restart the computer.
  3. Install Wireless Manager ME 5.0b.

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    * If the resolution that you want is not 1024 dots × 768 pixels, continue with the following procedures.

  4. Click the control panel from the start-up menu.
  5. Click "Screen resolution adjustment.
  6. Move the Resolution slider, select the resolution that you want, and click "OK.