Control Software for Multi Window Processor

This is a software application that lets you control the Multi Window Processor through LAN/serial connection.

Compatible Model ET-MWP100G
Latest Version V1.5.24.0
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For Windows®

System Requirements

The computer must meet the following requirements in order to use the supplied software.
Windows® 8.1 Windows 8.1 Pro(32 bit/64 bit)
Windows 8.1(32 bit/64 bit)
Windows® 10 Windows 10 Home(32/64bit)
Windows 10 Pro(32/64bit)
・Compatible with English, Japanese or Chinese language versions of the above operating systems..
Software library Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or later
Application framework Microsoft Silverlight® 5 or later
Others ・Meet various system requirements of Silverlight and the corresponding OS.
・LAN terminal (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX wired LAN) or serial terminal (RS-232C compliant) is necessary.
・A display with the number of pixels of at least 900 vertical lines is recommended.

Proper operation cannot be guaranteed if the above system requirements are not met or if a self-built computer is used.

Proper operation cannot be guaranteed for all computers even if they satisfy the above requirements.

Downloading and Installing the Software

The application software differs between Windows® 32 bit and Windows® 64 bit.
Download the appropriate software for the OS you are using.

For Windows® 32 bit
DownloadV1.5.24.0_32bit.exe (1.44MB)

For Windows® 64 bit
DownloadV1.5.24.0_64bit.exe (1.44MB)

How to Download and Install

Right click the Download button above and select Save to file to save the installer program to the folder of your choice.
Once the installer has been downloaded, double click V1.5.24.0_32bit.exe for Windows® 32 bit, or V1.5.24.0_64bit.exe for Windows® 64 bit.

For specific installation instructions, refer the following manual.