Presenter Light Software

This is a still image transfer application supporting Windows® computers. With this software, you can transfer
the displays appearing on the computer screen to a projector via the wired LAN/wireless LAN.
When using the wireless LAN, the optional wireless module corresponding to this software is required.

Compatible Projector Models PT-EZ590/EW650/EW550/EX620/EX520
Latest Version Version

System Requirements

To use this software, the computer must satisfy the following requirements.

Windows® 10 32 bit/64 bit
Windows® 11 64 bit
Supported browser For the PT-LB425/LB385/LB355/LW375/LW335/LB305, PT-LB423/LB383/LB353/LW373/LW333,
PT-TW371R/TW370/TX430/TX340, PT-TW351R/TW350/TX410/TX320,
PT-LB412/LB382/LB332/LW362/LW312, and PT-TW343R/TW342/TX402/TX312:
Internet Explorer 9.0/10.0/11.0
For the PT-EZ590/EW650/EW550/EX620/EX520 and PT-FZ570/FW530/FX500:
Internet Explorer 9.0/10.0/11.0, Microsoft Edge
For the PT-VMZ71/VMZ61/VMZ51/VMZ51S/VMZ41/VMW61/VMW51, PT-VMZ60/VMZ50/VMZ40/VMW60/VMW50, PT-VW360/VX430, PT-LB426/LB386/LB356/LW376/LW336, and PT-TW381R/TW380/TX440/TX350:
Internet Explorer11.0/ Microsoft Edge
For the PT-LMZ460/LMZ420/LMW460/LMW420/LMX460/LMX420, PT-TMZ400/TMW380/TMX380, and PT-CMZ50:
Microsoft Edge
CPU Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz or higher processor or compatible processor installed
Intel Core i5 or higher recommended for projection
Memory 2 GB or more
Hard disk At least 20 MB free space
LAN environment For connection with a wired LAN: LAN connector (10BASE-T or 100BASE-TX) required
For connection with a wireless LAN: Wireless LAN adapter (IEEE802.11b/g/n standard compliance) required
Desktop area 640 dots x 480 dots or more 2,048 dots x 1,536 dots or less


・When using Presenter Light Software, images are projected with 1280 x 800 dots or 1024 x 768 dots onto the screen. Also, your PC display resolution may be forcibly changed, and audio playback disrupted or become noisy, while images and sound are being transmitted.

・Note that operation is not guaranteed when used with system environments other than the above or on homemade computers.

・It may not be possible to use some of the functions of a computer if it is using a wireless WAN (wireless wide area network).

・When connecting under the IEEE802.11n standard, the wireless LAN adapter, projector and access point used must all support the 11n standard.

・If the computer has a switchable graphics function and the function is to be switched, remember to stop projection before switching the function.

・In some cases, depending on the combination of PC and projector, your PC display resolution may be forcibly changed during screen projection. If this occurs, change your PC’s display resolution to match that of the projector. Click for more on changing your PC screen settings.

・Audio playback may be disrupted or become noisy while images and sound are being transmitted. Should this occur, navigate to [Audio settings] and check [No] against the [Allow audio capture] option.

Operation is not guaranteed for all computers that meet the above conditions.

Downloading the Software (1.6 MB)

1. Click the Download button above and the "Software Licensing Agreement" window will appear.
Select [Agree] and the installer will begin to download automatically.

2. Once the installer has been downloaded, double click
This will uncompress the installation files and create a folder named Presenter Light_v1.1.0.1.

3. Double-click “Presenter Light.exe” to launch Presenter Light Software.


・This software is used as the executable file format. You cannot install it in the computer.
Please save this software in the convenient place or make a shortcut for convenient use.