Smart Projector

What is Smart Projector Control?

Smart Projector Control is application software for a smartphone that enables the operation of Panasonic projectors. By installing Smart Projector Control in your iPhone or Android device and connecting the device via wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) to a network connected with Panasonic projectors, you can operate the projectors and check the projector status using your iPhone or Android device.

Operating environment

  • OS

    iOS 9.3 or later*1 / Android 4.4 or

  • Operability

    iPhone 7 / iPhone 6s Plus /
    iPhone 6s / iPhone 6 Plus /
    iPhone 6 / iPhone SE / iPhone 5s / iPhone 5c / iPhone 5

  • Operability
    Android device

    Panasonic TOUGHPAD FZ-N
    / Google Nexus 6P / Samsung
    Galaxy S7

  • Projector

    PT-RQ32K / PT-RZ31K / PT-RS30K / PT-RZ21K / PT-RS20K /
    PT-MZ670 / PT-MW630 / PT-MZ570/ PT-MW530

  • As of November 2017

*1 Visit the App Store for the latest information.
*2 Visit Google Play for the latest information.
*3 When searching for this app in the App Store on an iPad, be sure to change the [iPad Only] setting in the search results screen to [iPhone Only].

How to obtain the application software

Download Smart Projector Control (free) from App Store or Google Play.