Smart Projector

What is Smart Projector Control?

Smart Projector Control is application software for a smartphone that enables the operation of Panasonic projectors. By installing Smart Projector Control in your iPhone or Android device and connecting the device via wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) to a network connected with Panasonic projectors, you can operate the projectors and check the projector status using your iPhone or Android device.

Operating environment

  • OS

    iOS 9.3 or later*1 / Android 4.4 or

  • Operability
    iOS devices

    iPhone X / iPhone 8 / iPhone 7 / iPhone 6s Plus /
    iPhone 6s / iPhone 6 Plus /
    iPhone 6 / iPhone SE / iPhone 5s / iPhone 5c / iPhone 5 / iPad (5th generation)*3

  • Operability
    Android device

    Panasonic TOUGHPAD FZ-N
    / Google Nexus 6P / Samsung
    Galaxy S7

  • Compatible projector

    PT-RQ32K / PT-RZ31K / PT-RS30K / PT-RQ22K / PT-RZ21K / PT-RS20K / PT-RZ120 / PT-MZ770 / PT-MW730 /
    PT-MZ670 / PT-MW630 / PT-MZ570 / PT-MW530

  • As of October 2018.

*1 Visit the App Store for the latest information.
*2 Visit Google Play for the latest information.
*3 Menus cannot be displayed on screens optimized for iPad devices.

How to obtain the application software

・Download Smart Projector Control (free) from App Store or Google Play.

・Be sure to select [iPhone Only] instead of [iPad Only] when searching for this app in the App Store.


・The registered projectors data management system has changed since version 1.3.
On Android devices, all registered projector data is erased when the app version is updated from 1.2 or older to 1.3 or later. Please re-register projectors after updating your app to version 1.3 or later.
On iOS devices, all registered projector data is retained after updating the app.