Below are answers to frequently asked questions about PT-EZ770 Series projectors.

Which ceiling mount bracket should I use?

You can use the projector with the following ceiling mount brackets and attachments:

  • ET-PKD120S Ceiling Mount Bracket for Low Ceilings with ET-PKE301B Bracket Attachment
  • ET-PKD120H Ceiling Mount Bracket for High Ceilings with ET-PKE301B Bracket Attachment
  • ET-PKE200S Ceiling Mount Bracket for Low Ceilings with ET-PKE200B Bracket Attachment
  • ET-PKE200H Ceiling Mount Bracket for High Ceilings with ET-PKE200B Bracket Attachment

What is the replacement lamp part number and replacement time?

The recommended lamp replacement cycle is 3,000 hours in NORMAL/AUTO Mode, 4,000 hours in ECO1 Mode, and 4,500 hours in ECO2 Mode. The model number of the replacement lamp unit is ET-LAE300.

How do I check lamp usage time?

You can check the number of hours on your laser light source by pressing the [STATUS] button on the remote control, or by selecting [PROJECTOR SETUP] -> [STATUS] via the main menu.

Does the projector support DIGITAL LINK?

Yes, the projector supports DIGITAL LINK.

Is the projector equipped with a mechanical shutter?

Yes, it is.

Does this product have Direct Power Off that allows the power to be turned off immediately after use?

Yes, it does.

The OSD (On-Screen Display) menu is not displayed. Why?

It is possible that the OSD is set to [OFF]. Press the [ON SCREEN] button on the remote control to make the OSD visible. You can also unhide the OSD by pressing and holding the [MENU] button on the projector control panel for 3 seconds or longer.

Network function and RS-232C control cannot be used in standby mode. Why?

When Standby Mode is set to [ECO], network function and some RS-232C commands cannot be used during standby. To enable network access while in standby, change [PROJECTOR SETUP] -> [ECO MANAGEMENT] -> [STANDBY MODE] to [NORMAL] via the main menu.

The lamp indicator is blinking red three times. What should I do?

This indicates that an abnormality has been detected in the lamp or the power supply circuit for the lamp. If the power is turned off and then back on immediately, the lamp light source may not cool down sufficiently, causing this symptom. Please wait for a while before turning the power back on. If the lamp indicator still blinks, it’s possible there’s a fault with the lamp unit or the projector. Please contact your point of purchase, or click here to obtain the contact details of a sales office in your region.

The <FILTER> indicator is lit red. Is something wrong?

This indicates that the air filter unit is clogged or that the temperature inside the projector is abnormally high. Please check if:

  • The air intake/exhaust ports are obstructed (clear if necessary)
  • The projector’s ambient temperature is too hot
  • The air filter unit is dirty (clean if necessary).

If the <FILTER> indicator is still lit red after checking the above and correcting any issues, turn the MAIN POWER switch to OFF and ask your dealer or point of purchase for assistance.