Below are answers to frequently asked questions about PT-VMZ60 Series projectors.

How long is the manufacturer’s warranty?

For information relating to product warranties, please contact your point of purchase, or click here to obtain the contact details of a sales office in your region. A customer service representative will answer your inquiry.

What are the advantages of laser in comparison to lamp light sources?

Some advantages of laser light sources over lamp light sources are highlighted below:

  • Laser light sources have a longer lifespan and maintain image quality and brightness for longer over an extended usage period
  • Since periodic lamp replacement is not required, maintenance hassle and running costs are reduced
  • The time required to commence projection after powering on the projector, and the time required for the light source to turn off after powering off the projector, are reduced
  • Chance of lamp failure interrupting your presentation is eliminated for greater peace of mind.

How do I replace the laser light source?

Laser light-source replacement should be handled by your dealer’s servicing department. For more information about laser light-source replacement, please contact your point of purchase, or click here to obtain the contact details of a sales office in your region.

Is it necessary to replace the laser light source after using it for 20,000 hours?

We recommend you have your dealer check and clean your projector and replace the laser light source after about 20,000 hours of use. While it’s possible to continue using the projector after this time without replacing the light source, light output at about 20,000 hours will have decreased to approximately 50 % of its original level.

Why is laser light-source replacement recommended at 20,000 hours?

The value of 20,000 hours is the estimated time at which your projector’s light output will have decreased to approximately 50 % of its original level at the time of shipment when used in specific operating modes at certain altitude ranges and in certain operating environments.

Does this product have Direct Power Off that allows the power to be turned off immediately after use?

Yes, it does. Since this projector does not require a cooldown period before powering off, you can switch it off any time via the unit’s controls or the room breaker switch. Note that changes to settings and adjustments applied immediately before the power is disconnected may not be reflected when the unit is next switched on.

What kind of installation is possible in all directions?

This projector can be installed 360° in horizontal, vertical, and tilting (a combination of horizontal and vertical) orientation.

Does the projector have a built-in speaker?

Yes, it does.

Can the projector be installed using ET-PKL100S/ET-PKL100H alone?

ET-PKV400B ceiling mount bracket attachment is required when using ET-PKL100S/ET-PKL100H.

Does the projector support wireless LAN connection?

Yes, it does. However, you first need to connect the optional Panasonic AJ-WM50 Series Wireless Module to your projector’s USB terminal.

What is the maximum number of displayable colors?

This projector supports a maximum 1,070,000,000 colors (16,770,000 colors for 4K input).

What’s the difference between PT-VMZ60/VMZ50 and PT-VMW60/VMW50?

The main difference is the resolution of the LCD panel of each product. PT-VMZ60/VMZ50 has 1920 x 1200 dots (WUXGA) while the PT-VMW60/VMW50 has 1280 x 800 dots (WXGA).

What is the difference between PT-VMZ60, PT-VMZ50, and PT-VMZ40?

The main difference is the light output of each product. PT-VMZ60 produces 6,000 lm, PT-VMZ50 produces 5,000 lm, and PT-VMZ40 produces 4,500 lm.

Is this a lens-interchangeable projector?

No, it’s not. PT-VMZ60 Series features a built-in lens.

Does the projector support DIGITAL LINK?

Yes, the projector supports DIGITAL LINK.

The OSD (On-Screen Display) menu is not displayed. Why?

It is possible that the OSD is set to [OFF]. Press the [ON SCREEN] button on the remote control to make the OSD visible. You can also unhide the OSD by pressing and holding the [MENU] button on the projector control panel for 3 seconds or longer.

Do you sell a carry bag for storing and carrying the projector?

We don’t currently sell an optional carry bag for this product. Please consider a suitable third-party alternative.

Does this projector have a lens-shift function?

Yes, it does.

Are the zoom, focus, and lens-shift adjustments electric powered?

No, this series offers manual zoom, focus, and lens-shift adjustment.

Is it possible to disable image output without turning off the power?

You can disable image display temporarily by pressing the SHUTTER button on the remote control or the projector’s control panel. The image will reappear when the button is pressed again. When the shutter function is in use (shutter: closed), the projector’s <ON (G) / STANDBY (R)> power indicator blinks green in a 0.75 to 0.75-second on/off cycle.

Is it possible to play video files using the Memory Viewer function?

No, it’s not possible to play video files using the Memory Viewer function. Memory Viewer supports still image files only.

Is it possible to display an image in 4:3 aspect ratio?

You can change the screen aspect ratio by selecting [DISPLAY OPTION] -> [SCREEN SETTING] -> [SCREEN FORMAT] on the main menu and setting it to [4:3].

Is it possible to perform screen adjustment while a test pattern is being projected?

No, it isn’t.

Are the screen correction settings retained even if the input is switched after adjustment?

Yes, they are.