An imaginary world appears right in front of you !
A projection mapping that delivers surprise and excitement.

Discover a space brimming with imagination and elements of astonishment. Combine three mapping styles – sphere, curved
surface, and floor – to create a breadth of visual wonder like a Sci-Fi movie. Our compact, bright and high-definition projectors
and ultra-short-throw lenses offer limitless installation options. The beautiful projection with minimal distortion is further
guaranteed by Geometry Manager Pro, our proprietary software built on our extensive experiences.

System Image [ Floor Plan ]

System Image [ Elevation ]

Ultimate immersion !
4K super-fine image
engulfs audience

Enormous curved screen stretching for over 10 m and reaching up to your feet is simply breathtaking. The highly immersive visual space produced by a compact and space-enabling projectors offers audience a taste of a movie hero.

3-Chip DLP™ Projector


Watch out for the Blue
Planet !
Enjoy a spacewalk
like a real astronaut.

The spherically mapped, realistic Earth exudes overwhelming presence. The planet Earth, floating blue and bright in the sky, is now within your reach through Panasonic’s technology.

1-Chip DLP™ Projector


The lens that brings limitless
possibilities to mapping

By combining brilliant and high-definition projectors with short-throw zero offset lenses which do not interfere with vision even installed on a low ceiling, you can create a spacious vision in a compact setting.

Short-Throw Zoom Lens
for 3-Chip DLP™ Projectors


Graphics are simulated

System Image [ Floor Plan ]

System Image [ Elevation ]

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