The thrilling excitement of the stadium is brought in full even to small spaces!

Realistic depiction of the smallest details is perfect for games and sports!
Project 4K images on a large screen to transform the room into a buzzing stadium.
Panasonic proposes a dynamic visual space where viewers can feel the genuine thrill of the pitch.

System Image [ Floor Plan ]

System Image [ Elevation ]

Smooth and beautiful
4K maximizes the allure of
games and sports!

Panasonic’s proprietary Real Motion Processor realizes natural and smooth projection with minimum image lag, precisely capturing fast-paced games and sports scenes.

3-Chip DLP™ Projectors

PT-RQ35K Series

Great excitement
in big screen
with limited space!

With the L-shaped zero offset lens, low ceiling is no longer an obstacle to to large-screen projection. Bring in an exciting visual wonder to hitherto impossible places.

Short-Throw Zoom Lens
for 3-Chip DLP™ Projectors


You’re the one
to score the goal!

Combine visual projection with a sensor to dramatically expand visual possibilities. Monitor the player’s movements with a sensor and modify the image in accordance with the movements. Gravitate visitors with the excitement of interactive contents.

Graphics are simulated

System Image [ Floor Plan ]

System Image [ Elevation ]

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