The tension is real!
Amazing 4K dome mapping engulfs the audience with dynamic images.

Get audience immersed in this spectacular shooting game with a sweeping 360-degree view, realistic in extensive details.
Astound visitors with unprecedented sensations!

System Image [ Floor Plan ]

System Image [ Elevation ]

Highly immersive
360-degree panorama,
enabled by the fisheye lens

Our proprietary high-performance fisheye lens enables spherical and panoramic projections with a limited number of devices. The immersive panoramic view offers authentic sensations from every angle without the need of VR goggles.

Fisheye Lens


Dynamic in its essence!
Bright and high-definition,
4K dome mapping!

4K imagery pursues realism in the smallest details to enthrall viewers with dynamic visual experiences. Compact Panasonic projectors offer limitless installation options to attract viewers with popular dome mapping technique in museums and exhibitions.

3-Chip DLP™ Projectors

PT-RQ35K Series

AR further intensifies
nail-biting visual experience!

The Transparent Film Screen brings in a new reality to shooting games, adding depth to the application for a more realistic and engaging experience. Various technologies achieve new possibilities and attractions of dome screens.

Transparent Projection
Film Screen


Graphics are simulated

System Image [ Floor Plan ]

System Image [ Elevation ]

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