It's like walking on the surface of water.
We propose an unprecedented video experience.

The brilliant, high-definition projector can turn a swimming pool into a screen bursting with beautiful imagery.
Images projected on the bottom intertwine with the shimmering water surface to add a mysterious depth to the atmosphere.
Go outside conventional walls to explore new fields, like swimming pools and water screens,
to create visual experiences that can leave a lasting impact on the people’s mind.

System Image [ Floor Plan ]

System Image [ Elevation ]

The glittering water surface
is part of the visual effect

The waving and shimmering water surface, combined with the dynamic image, produces a majestic vision of a real whale swimming in a tiny pool.

1-Chip DLP™ Projectors

PT-RZ990 Series

Eye-catching water screen

Water screen adds unique texture to images that makes a difference. Well-designed images projected on water screen effectively captivate people’s attention.

3-Chip DLP™ Projectors

PT-RZ21K Series

Never worry about
in your vision

Ultra-short-throw lens drastically shortens the focal range, enabling freedom in visual productions without concerns for audience’s shadow disturbing the projection.

Ultra Short Throw Lens


Graphics are simulated

System Image [ Floor Plan ]

System Image [ Elevation ]

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