Visual Solution
for Museums

Solving all of your problems,
from the installation of devices to operation!

Do you face any of these problems?

With Panasonic's equipment,
you can solve those problems.

Create immersive spaces even with low ceilings and limited spaces!

When people stand close to the screen their shadows get in the way!

Use the Ultra-short Throw Zoom Lens for immersive images even in tight exhibition spaces!

Express high-definition images with a sense of realism even at close range!

The grids on the screen are bothersome when trying to express realistic high-resolution images at close range!

With Panasonic's DLP projectors the grid is narrow, so customers near the screen can view smooth and natural images.

Don't fret over color unevenness when using multiple units!

Look at this color uneveness!

Because DLP has high image uniformity, you can reproduce beautifully blended images.

Seamlessly blend dark images with ease!

Aligning the contrast is so difficult!

When the projectors are linked together, the same contrast settings are configured based on the average illuminance of the entire image. That is why beautiful images with no difference in contrast can be projected.

Project images on complex surfaces with ease!

How am I going to blend on such a complex surface?

Geometry Manager Pro helps you edge blend and even mask images onto practically anywhere with a PC!

Automatically edge blend multiple projectors with one single camera!

Edge blending all of these projectors is going to take all day!

Save time by using the Auto Screen Adjustment Upgrade kit. Automatically adjusts multiple projectors into one smooth image.

Keep blended images in sync without the need for maintenance!

The brightness and color of these two projectors are gradually going out of sync. Something feels off.

With brightness and color control features there is no need to ever worry about the adjustment images going out of sync. Also, with DLP there is no deterioration in image quality such as yellowing so it can be used reliably for 20,000 hours.

Simplify cables and reduce the hassle of installing and maintenance!

Installing multiple cables can be such a hassle! More cables also mean more failure points, causing trouble in the long run.

DIGITAL LINK or optical fiber input allows you to transmit images and control signals with one single cable.*

* With CAT 5e cable or above.

Monitor and control all devices with free software!

AH! One of the projectors isn’t working!

By using the Multi Monitoring & Control Software, collectively control and manage video equipment with a single PC via LAN.

Respond to image errors immediately!

One of the highlights of the exhibition is gone! What’s happening?

Multi Monitoring & Control Software can detect the output status of images with a remote camera allowing you to respond immediately when the image is cut off.

Announce events to visitors more effectively!

It’s a waste to hand out flyers, and I wonder if there is a more effective way to advertise.

USB signage feature is a simple and easy way to create and distribute content with just a USB!

Guide the visitors more smoothly!

So many questions on how to get to each exhibition!

By using touch panels displays, visitors can easily check building layouts or floor guides, making it easier to navigate!