Important Notice


Recommended Use of Genuine Panasonic Lamps

We sincerely appreciate your decision to use a Panasonic projector.

We always recommend using genuine Panasonic lamps for Panasonic projectors, but we have come to realize that there are many imitation lamps sold in the market. They are sold as “Panasonic” products with the same model numbers and names, and they look similar to genuine Panasonic products.

However, these imitation lamps have not gone through the proper quality assurance procedures, and may not meet the quality and safety standards that are necessary for Panasonic projector operation. We are concerned that the use of these imitation lamps may lead to early lamp failure, insufficient brightness, and possibly even bursting of the lamp itself.

Therefore, in the interest of your safety and convenience, we highly recommend that you use only genuine Panasonic lamps in your Panasonic projector. Be sure to purchase genuine Panasonic lamps for Panasonic projectors. In addition, please understand that we would not be able to provide warranty protection or take responsibility if a problem or accident should occur as a result of using a non-genuine Panasonic lamp.

If you have any questions about this matter, please contact your local Panasonic representative or dealer.