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Optional Ultra-Short-Throw and Short-Throw Lenses

3-Chip DLP Projectors

1-Chip DLP Projectors

  • Compatible Models:
    PT-RCQ10 / RCQ10L / RCQ80 / RCQ80L / RZ120 / RZ120L / RZ990 / RZ990L / RZ890 / RZ890L / RZ790 / RZ790L / RZ690 / RZ690L

LCD Projectors

  • ET-EMU100

    Compatible Models:
    PT-MZ20K / MZ17K / MZ14K / MZ11K / MZ16K / MZ13K / MZ10K

  • ET-ELU20

    Compatible Models:
    PT-MZ880 / MZ780 / MZ680

Absolutely Immersive
Zero Offset | Up to 4K | Seamless

Key Feature

Project Without Shadows or Screen Offset

Invite your audience to experience content up close without shadows to break the spell woven by bright, color-rich projection at up to 4K resolution. Select zero-offset lens models deepen immersion by eliminating gaps between the top and bottom of the screen and the ceiling and floor for seamless coverage over walls.

Suggested Zero-Offset Lens Models

Flexible Versatility
Flexible Lineup | Optical Zoom | V/H Lens-Shift

Key Feature

Massive Images in Tight Spaces

Increase engagement by projecting images unobtrusively from very close range, even in confined spaces with high or low ceilings. Both mirror-type and mirrorless lenses support concealable projector installation in tight spaces, inviting new ideas for stimulating visuals in narrow museum hallways, retail shopfronts, theater stages, or along airport concourses and train platforms. With Panasonic laser projectors supporting 360° installation, lenses can be installed at whatever angle is necessary to fulfill your design, while our mirrorless lenses are ideal in rooms with low ceilings as they eliminate the need to recess the projector to provide an unobstructed view of the screen.

Storefront Digital Signage and
Transit Station Information Boards

Ultra-short throw lenses project eye-catching visuals in storefront windows or behind merchandise displays without shadows cast by objects arranged in front of the screen. Create a motivating and exciting atmosphere that converts traffic into sales. The lenses are also ideal as an information display solution in airport terminals, train stations, and public transit centers.

UST lenses avoid shadows from stock arranged
in a window display.

Suggested Models for Narrow Spaces

Immersive Experiences in
Narrow Museum Hallways

Zero-offset lenses can maximize exhibition space in museums, especially on the walls of narrow walkways where installation space is at a premium. The lenses eliminate distracting gaps between the image edges and the ceiling and floor to deepen immersion, while flexible lens adjustment makes it possible to turn dead space into an attraction without costly construction work.

Deepen immersion with zero offset images in tight spaces without costly construction work.

Suggested Models for Walkways

Installation Flexibility Reduces Cost, Effort, and Complexity

Installing a projector equipped with a fixed lens demands a lot of precision to locate the image in the correct position. Installers take a trial-and-error approach of detaching, moving, and reattaching the projector until the image is correctly aligned on screen. Selected Panasonic lenses with optical zoom allow installers to approximate a mounting location, install the projector once, and use zoom and lens-shift to adjust image position afterwards, saving time, labor, and money.

Suggested Zoom Lens Models

Supports On-Axis Rear Projection

Our mirrorless ultra-short-throw lenses are ideal for
on-axis rear-projection, where the projector is installed at center behind the screen. Image brightness is more evenly distributed from screen center to the corners and edges without hotspots.

Suggested Rear-Projection Lens Models

Reliable Durability
Glass Lens | Dust-Resistant | AFO

Key Feature

Durability for Commercial Applications

Selected models feature scratch-resistant glass lens elements that not only enhance usage life and durability in situations where the lens is frequently handled, such as for rental and staging, but also reduce focus aberration from fluctuating lens temperature thanks to heat-resistance characteristics. All Panasonic ultra-short-throw and short-throw lenses are engineered to work dependably in tough, high-traffic commercial environments.

Suggested Long-Life Models

AFO (Active Focus Optimizer)

Select lenses feature AFO, a technology that corrects focus drift as projector light output, lens temperature, or ambient temperature fluctuates (depending on projector specification) by means of a temperature sensor. Images are kept sharp and clear at all times, reducing need of technical support callouts to periodically recalibrate focus.

Active Focus Optimizer (AFO) takes video signal brightness
into account and optimizes focus according to the content

Specialized Lenses
Up to 4K | Up to 30,000 lm | Full-Dome Coverage

Make Full-Dome Production a Reality from a Single Projector

Supporting 4K image projection at up to 30,000 lm,
ET-D3LEF70 Fisheye Lens is ready to take your full-dome planetarium, flying theater, simulator, video dome, or theme-park attraction to the next level. Achieve maximum screen coverage with a single rather than multiple projectors for high ROI. Image Plane Correction (the focus balance between the center and the periphery of the screen) is adjustable, while wide-range V/H Lens-Shift simplifies installation.

Suggested Lens for Full-Dome Projection

Throw Distance Calculator

Throw-Distance Calculator is a convenient way to estimate throw distance for any screen size using any lens-detachable Panasonic projector and compatible optional lens.

Note: Values are estimates only.

Throw Distance Calculator

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Throw Distance Calculator