Exceptionally Low 30 dB Noise in Normal Mode* 1-Chip DLP™ Projectors PT-DZ780/PT-DW750/PT-DX820

Bright, high-quality images with many advanced functions satisfy versatile applications. Along with operating noise of just 30 dB,* the PT-DZ780 Series is perfect for noise-critical situations such as museums, exhibitions and auditoriums.

Note: The PT-DZ780 has been discontinued. The PT-DW750 and PT-DX820 are for sale while stock lasts.

Full Brightness with Virtually Un-noticeable Operation
  • Outstanding Images with Low-Noise Operation
  • Reliable Operation with Low Maintenance Cost and Time
  • Flexible System Functionality
Product Details

* With the lamp power set to Normal. 28 dB with the lamp power set to Eco.
** For detachable lenses as of April 2015.
*** Each model is available in both black and white cabinet color.
**** Lens-less models are also available. The specifications are the same as those of the projectors supplied with standard lens.