An AR Experience to Excite Your CustomersAn AR Experience to Excite Your Customers

What's a Transparent Film Screen?

A film-type transparent screen changes the existing transparent glass into a projector screen. Customers enjoy dynamic digital content in the form of Augmented Reality (AR), to view actual objects in real-life size.

An actual object display can be overlapped and viewed with projected images

Outstanding Transparent Screen Performance


High transparency*1 achieves clear projected images

A film structure with a unique reflective layer makes it possible to see clear images even in glass-walled environments, achieving both transparency and brightness. Because it is brighter and clearer than ordinary transparent screens, it can be used in brightly lit locations.

High transparency achieves clear projected images

*1 Transparent Screen with 70 % or higher transmission

*2 At an incident angle of 60º, using projectors with equal brightness (according to a Panasonic survey

Uses existing glass* for AR display

Simply apply the film to an existing transparent glass.* Or, cut the film to any desired size and shape.

* Use may not be possible due to the shape of the glass, the condition of the surface, etc.

Uses existing glass for AR display

Optimal installation to match the location

Even if the incident angle of the projector light is large, the screen displays bright, clear images, using Panasonic's unique reflective layer. From floor-mounted to ceiling-suspended installation, the unit can be mounted to optimize the space.

Optimal installation to match the location

Application Examples

An AR experience is possible in a ET-SCT100 variety of locations

Note: When installing, be sure to follow the instructions of the Operator's Manual, and observe all precautions.

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