These videos show how Space Player was used enhance display spaces at exhibitions, and includes comments of show participants.

Fashion Business Solutions Fair 2014

Creating a Lively Sales-Positive Store Atmosphere with Spacer Player

Panasonic demonstrated the potential of Space Player at Fashion Business Solutions Fair (FBS) in 2014, a fashion manufacturing and shop-floor coordination showcase. JFW International Fashion Fair, Japan's largest general apparel exhibition, was held concurrently, and welcomed about 8,500 visitors from around the world. Space Player attracted considerable attention as fashion industry players recognized its usefulness in communicating and coordinating product information, branding concepts, and POP enhancement.

Note: The video in Japanese only.

Bridal Industry Fair 2014

Space Player Amplifies Happiness for Wonderful Weddings

As many as 189 companies and 26,000 visitors participated in Bridal Industry Fair staged in Tokyo in 2014, an event promoting a huge variety of industry-related products and services. Panasonic’s booth focusing on three scenes: the wedding cake, the wedding dress, and the table display. Space Player was pivotal in creating a unique ambience with hybrid lighting and image projection.

Note: The video in Japanese only.