Following are demonstration installations in exhibition halls to show the range of possibilities for real-life Space Player application.

Wedding Hall

Space Players have been used to project images onto chapel floors while highlighting flower arrangements. Multi-colored lights illuminate bride and groom in celebration of their special moment.

Fashion Outlets

Space Players are effective in fashion stores where images are projected onto mannequins. Text and graphics communicate information while the display is illuminated. More than one display can be enhanced using a single Space Player in areas with limited floor-space.

Information Displays

Space Players are employed in reception areas and entrance halls, where spotlights light up the floor as information is projected onto the walls. The effect is captivating, elevating the sense of anticipation while communicating information.

Wedding Cake, Bridal Industry Fair

This example shows a Space Player in action at the Bridal Industry Fair held July 2014. Moving illumination and images decorate the cake, building towards a climactic lighting finale as the cake is cut.

Table Display, Bridal Industry Fair

This example also comes from an exhibit at the 2014 Bridal Industry Fair. While lighting the table surface with spotlights and moving illumination, images of the bride and groom and messages from guests are displayed within the lighting scheme.

Wedding Dress, Bridal Industry Fair

In another demonstration from the Bridal Industry Fair, different colors and lights illuminate the bride’s wedding dress. The continually changing images make the bride even more beautiful.

Lighting Effects, Fashion Business Solutions Fair

In an example from Fashion Business Solutions (FBS) fair staged July 2014, a Space Player spotlights a mannequin as entertaining light effects dance around the exhibit, animating the product with images. Both product and related information are effectively displayed.

Video and Spotlighting, Fashion Business Solutions Fair

Also demonstrated at Fashion Business Solutions fair, this product is spotlighted as images depicting the item in actual use are projected onto walls. This adds a new dimension to the retail experience and lifts purchase motivation.

Stills and Spotlighting, Fashion Business Solutions Fair

Together with product spotlighting, here images are projected onto the walls to show product color availability as well as scenes of the product in use. Customers can easily visualize using the product in a very short window of time.

Corporate Branding, Fashion Business Solutions Fair

This example is from an exhibit at Fashion Business Solutions fair. It demonstrates the Space Player’s usefulness in relaying branding logos and brand concept while simultaneously introducing details on specific products.