Why Panasonic?

The Five Manufacturing Concepts of Panasonic Projectors


Solid Reliability from Vast Experience and Know-How

With more than 35 years of experience in developing projectors, Panasonic has led the projector industry for decades. During this time, we have accumulated a vast amount of know-how and an impressive track record for actual installations. From CRT projectors with a few hundred lumens of brightness to exceeding 12,000-lumen projectors with a Liquid Cooling System, Auto Cleaning Robot, Edge Blending and many other technologies, we have turned projectors into essential tools for teaching, presenting, and entertainment.

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Panasonic projectors are designed in Japan, right at the core facilities in Osaka, that assure total quality control. The factory has been certified with both the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, internationally recognized standards for quality / environmental management control.

The factory comes fully equipped with testing facilities that ensure the durability of the projectors. All projectors go through rigorous reliability tests, including the dustproof test, lifetime running test, drop test, earthquake test, and environmental test. By purchasing a Panasonic projector, you are assured of a product that meets the highest standards of manufacturing quality, and a product that is designed to last.

Technologies such as our Dual or Quad Lamp System for continuous 24/7 operation and minimal downtime for DLP™ projectors, and the use of inorganic polarizers to make optical blocks more durable for LCD projectors are just two examples of the many Panasonic projector technologies that make our projectors reliable. Whether it is for a theater, a conference hall or a classroom, every Panasonic projector is designed for maximum reliability with minimal maintenance.

Flexible production has been achieved with advanced process technologies and cell production methods.

Factories of Systems Business Group have received ISO 14001:2004 - the Environmental Management Systems certification. (Except for 3rd party's peripherals)

The Quad Lamp System enables high brightness and reliability.

Picture Quality

Hollywood Collaboration Achieves High Fidelity

Whether it's a presentation, a visual for a stage event, or an HD movie, you want the images to catch everyone's attention. We are committed to giving you the tools you need. Proprietary image-processing technologies, such as our Detail Clarity Processor, Daylight View and RGB Booster, help to produce impressively crisp, lifelike images. Panasonic engineers who are highly trained in image-tuning technologies collaborate with Hollywood filmmakers and experts at Panasonic Hollywood Laboratories (PHL), who have been studying image quality and digital formats for more than a decade, to fine tune our projectors. The result is a full lineup of projectors that achieve unparalleled picture quality.

The Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory is located in the heart of Hollywood.

Image tuning at the Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory.

Ease of Use

Working with Our Customers to Create Easier Operation

Ease of use is an important concept that we strive for in every new product. Taking the remote control as an example, we use Universal Design principles to lay out the most frequently used buttons in easy-to-use locations, and remote navigation methods through the product menu. The same is true for the design of the projector and the on-screen display (OSD) interface. The tiniest details are carefully planned, so you'll always feel comfortable using a Panasonic projector.

How do we know what‘s comfortable for you? We learn through extensive research and listening to customer opinions. Many of the features and improvements in our projectors have been the direct result of user feedback.

The waveform monitor lets you easily make adjustments by displaying input signal variations.


Flexible Installation with Less Time and Trouble

We offer a full lineup of projector solutions for fixed-installation, portable, and home theater use. A host of features make Panasonic projectors the perfect choice, as either a first projector or a replacement. Our abundant lens selection covers a wide range of throw distances, while fixed-installation projectors allow vertical projection (straight up and down), and a lens shift function enables flexible installation in all kinds of rooms.

Projectors with built-in Edge Blending and Geometric Adjustment functions also expand projection capability to super-wide or even curved screens. This kind of flexibility further boosts your own creativity.

360° vertical installation allows projection at any angle you want.

Geometric Adjustment makes it possible to project onto curved screens.


Taking Care of Nature Is a Major Concern to Panasonic

Because caring for and harmonizing with nature have been important aspects of Panasonic's basic management principles for nearly a century, we have continued to lead the way with ‘eco ideas.’ Panasonic's eco activities are led by all regions that announced 'eco ideas' declaration around the world, through various programs and movements, aimed at goals such as saving energy and resources, planting trees, conducting cleanup activities and providing eco-based promotion and education.

We are developing our eco ideas in 3 major directions:

‘eco ideas’ for Products

by manufacturing energy efficient products.

‘eco ideas’ for Manufacturing

by reducing CO2 emissions across all our manufacturing sites.

‘eco ideas’ for Everybody, Everywhere

by promoting eco behaviors all around the world, we call it eco relay.

History of Panasonic Projectors

A pioneer in the projector industry, Panasonic has lead the industry by developing and manufacturing projectors distinguished by innovative ideas since 1975.

History of Panasonic Projectors