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Museum / ExhibitionShanghai World Expo 2010

Panasonic Celebrates Supplying Over 1,000 DLP™ Based Projectors Installed In Shanghai World Expo 2010

More than 1,000 DLP™ Panasonic projectors were used at the 2010 Shanghai Expo. In addition to the Chinese and Japanese pavilions, more than 50 pavilions are used them to display the present and future concepts of many countries and corporations.
Some 249 DLP™ projectors were showing the concepts of the Urbanian Pavilion, the Pavilion of City Being, the Pavilion of Urban Planet, the Pavilion of Future, and the Pavilion of Footprint. Panasonic is also helped with the innovative visual solutions of the Japan Pavilion.

Pavilions Using Panasonic Projectors

Click to see some of the pavilions using Panasonic projectors!