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Case Studies - Education / Nagoya Ohara Gakuen Colleges

Motivation for Installation

Students need to attend lectures to acquire official certification. In the past, however, we sometimes couldn't hold certain lectures because there weren't enough students attending. On the other hand, DVD and Internet training sessions tend to be one-sided, and instructors couldn't conduct their lessons while making sure that all of the students understood the content. Countermeasures were also needed to offer a uniform level of lectures to each class in order to maintain a high passing rate. As a result, we began to consider introducing a system where we could deliver lectures to various schools in real-time while communicating with the students by providing live question-and-answer sessions.

Nagoya Ohara Gakuen is a Japanese educational corporation that conducts a wide range of educational training, with a focus on providing lectures to help students acquire official certification.

System Selection Points

  • The ability for teachers and students to conduct real-time communication (to confirm student understanding, ask questions, etc.).
  • Clear confirmation of written blackboard content.
  • No complicated operation that would interrupt class progress.

Installation Effect — This system actively connects our Nagoya and Shizuoka Branches.

We can now conduct lessons with clear question-and-answer sessions in real-time, even for remote locations. We can also provide lectures to small groups of students. In addition, we have reduced the cost of business trips for our lecturers, which used to be a considerable problem.

Mr. Sakakibara, Manager
Ohara Accounting School

Nagoya Ohara Gakuen Colleges

System Configuration and Operation

Installed System

  • HD Visual Communications Unit (KX-VC500 + Boundary Microphone) ... 2 Units
  • HD Integrated Camera (AW-HE100) ... 1 Unit
  • Full-HD Plasma Display ... 1 Unit
  • LCD HDTV ... 1 Unit