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Case Studies - Education / University of Tsukuba

Motivation for Installation

Because the research laboratories of the Department of Computer Science, Graduate School of SIE, University of Tsukuba, are dispersed into four buildings, people have to go to one of the four locations every time they want to have a meeting or receive instruction on their theses. In addition, their professors are very busy, and the opportunities that they have to talk to students in other buildings have decreased. For these reasons, we started looking into systems that would make it easy to link our research labs.

University of Tsukuba is a national university located in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. The university aims to create an educational research site that will play a central role in Tsukuba Science City.

System Selection Points

  • High image and sound quality.
  • Documents can be presented and checked in HD image quality by using a sub camera.

A sub camera allows
easy confirmation of technical data.

Whiteboard information can be easily shared.

Installation Effect — Limited time can be effectively utilised among separate research laboratories.

Communication efficiency among research laboratories that are housed in separate buildings has been greatly improved. The system is used mainly for periodic meetings and for receiving guidance on thesis preparation. The use of a sub camera also allows the sharing of figures, tables and technical data, and the mutual confirmation of whiteboard information and PC-based presentation data. By cutting down on travelling time, and achieving more efficient use of the time of busy laboratory members, research activities have been greatly revitalised.

Professor Hiroyuki Kitagawa
Kitagawa Data Engineering Research Laboratory
Department of Computer Science
Graduate School of Systems & Information Engineering
University of Tsukuba

System Configuration and Operation

Installed System

  • HD Visual Communications Unit (KX-VC500 + Boundary Microphone) ... 2 Units
  • HD Camcorder ... 4 Units
  • Full-HD Plasma Display ... 2 Units