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Case Studies - Manufacturing / Rengo Co., Ltd.

Motivation for Installation

Rengo Co., Ltd. has two head offices, one in Osaka and the other in Tokyo, and the functions of many departments are divided between the two locations. Therefore, the company strove not only to improve the communication and confirmation efficiency within each department, but also to enhance interdepartmental communication and reduce employee travelling expenses. Rengo had been using a videoconference system for some time, but the system was installed only in the areas designated for directors, thus restricting use by departments for routine business purposes. Also, to attend a meeting held at a paper manufacturing group company in Fukushima Prefecture, employees had to travel from Osaka or Tokyo to Fukushima. So Rengo was seeking ways to reduce the time and expenses incurred by trips from Osaka and Tokyo. To solve these problems, the General Affairs Department spearheaded a study of the benefits of installing a videoconference system that would match the company's needs and streamline the business activities of its departments.

Rengo Co., Ltd. introduced the first corrugated material in Japan in 1909. As a pioneer in the field, Rengo has led the industry with its advanced manufacturing technologies and product development capabilities. Today, Rengo is Japan's largest manufacturer of corrugated products.

System Selection Points

Before Rengo decided to install the new system, we conducted a demonstration using an actual system so they could see for themselves that our system provided much better image quality than their existing videoconference system. They were particularly impressed with the demonstration of close-up images and were very satisfied by the high-resolution, high-quality images that showed package design and design samples in detail and clarity. The fact that there was minimal delay even over long distances and the sound quality allowed both parties to talk naturally even when speaking at the same time was also a significant factor leading to their decision.

HD Visual Communications Unit
in the Osaka Head Office

Laminated "Quick Manual" is posted
for easy use by all.

Installation Effect

The HD Visual Communications System connecting the Osaka and Tokyo Head Offices has significantly reduced the number of employee business trips between the two bases. Thus, Rengo easily realised the improved business efficiency achieved by the system. Unlike the previous videoconference system, which was installed in director areas, the HD Visual Communications System is installed on a floor that is accessible by all departments. This allows various departments, such as the Sales Department, General Affairs Department, Accounting Department, Design Department and Development Department, to actively use the system whenever they need. Also, because the system enables many people to easily participate in a meeting without having to travel to a distant location, detailed discussions can be conducted in a short time. This contributes to quicker decision-making.

Mitsuyuki Goto
General Manager,
Public Relations Department
Rengo Co., Ltd.

System Configuration and Operation

Installed System

  • HD Visual Communications Unit (KX-VC500 + Boundary Microphone) ... 4 Units
  • HD Camcorder ... 8 Units
  • Plasma Display ... 4 Units