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Case Studies - Amusement / PLABI Co., Ltd.

Motivation for Installation

Competition among amusement complexes has intensified in recent years. For PLABI Co., Ltd., attracting customers continuously to its PLABI Theater Complex was a high-priority issue. To attract more customers, PLABI decided to hold unique customer-participation events not offered by other amusement facilities. The company connected the stores in the PLABI Theater Complex through the Internet and held a live event to draw customers to the game arcade. The "paper-rock-scissors contest" using the HD Visual Communication System was particularly popular. Encouraged by the outcome, the company now holds the industry's first paper-rock-scissors contest at a live event several times a month. Participants select paper, rock or scissors placards as they shout out "paper, rock or scissors." Then, the placards are shown slightly later on the screen to determine the winner. There is hardly any delay in the visual display. The HD images show the facial expressions of players clearly to provide exciting paper-rock-scissors game fun. PLABI also holds a live remote learning event using original PLABI Theater characters.

PLABI Co., Ltd. is a service company that proposes and promotes amusement fun in daily life. The PLABI Theater Complex where the HD Visual Communications System is installed is an amusement facility created by combining indoor amusement business know-how accumulated over many years into a cinema complex. The PLABI Theater Complex gets a variety of visitors, ranging from families to returning customers. Under the motto of "Providing pleasant memories of fun and amusement to people over three generations," PLABI continues to grow.

System Selection Points

PLABI tested another brand's system at the PLABI Theater Complex. However, they selected the HD Visual Communications System because of its minimum packet loss, easy operation and reasonable price. The company installed systems in the facilities in Isesaki (Gumma Prefecture), Hashimoto (Kanagawa Prefecture) and Yokkaichi (Mie Prefecture), and holds live events regularly. PLABI also constructed a new VPN to connect its facilities. The HD Visual Communications System at each facility is set up so it can also be used for events using a wireless LAN.

The KX-VC600 mounted in an AV rack.

The screen displays clear, vivid images of the children's happy faces.

Installation Effect

Using HD Visual Communications Systems installed in September 2011, PLABI has held several events. The paper-rock-scissors contest is very popular because it allows children to enjoy the game with other children in different prefectures. This also helps to draw more customers to PLABI and successfully distinguishes PLABI's facilities from other amusement complexes. At the present time, PLABI uses the HD Visual Communications System at three facilities in Japan. The company is now thinking of installing HD Visual Communications System in its other facilities. There is also a plan to connect to facilities outside of Japan and hold events based on the HD Visual Communications System.

Nobuaki Kaji, CEO
PLABI Co., Ltd.

System Configuration and Operation

Installed System

  • HD Visual Communications Unit (KX-VC600 + Boundary Microphone)