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Case Studies - Manufacturing / Ichinotsubo Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Motivation for Installation

Everything from production to the delivery of steel products is processed at Ichinotsubo Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Strong emphasis is placed on the development and manufacture of OEM products. These products often require quick delivery, making speedy production essential. Factories are located in Nara Prefecture and Mie Prefecture, and there are certain processes that can only be done at each location, due to differences in the scale of facilities. As a result, considerable time was previously required to complete products, which made it impossible to maximise production speed. Managing the production processes at the manufacturing sites also took on greater importance, and supervisors had to gain a complete understanding of each process. Drawings related to managing production processes and sharing information were sent by mail, instructions were sent by fax or relayed by telephone, and products were delivered directly to the people in charge, so it took an extremely long time to share information between distant factories. Part-time workers are hired on a regular basis, so the amount of time required to train them for each job was even greater. With no way to simultaneously share information with a large number of people, the process of sharing instructions and information was time consuming.

Ichinotsubo Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded 60 years ago, and is headquartered in Nara Prefecture. The company mainly manufactures steel OEM products. With a vast amount of knowhow acquired through years of mass-producing products, the company supports a wide range of processes, from development to design, metal processing, assembly and delivery. The product line includes both OEM products and the company's own products. Development and manufacture recently began for display stands specifically for videoconference systems. The company continues to manufacture unique products.

System Selection Points

Various other-brand videoconference systems were examined, but after comparing them, the HD Visual Communications System was chosen because of its high image and sound quality and superior cost-performance. Also, commercially available cameras can be used with the HD Visual Communications System, which was a key point in reducing costs. They can also be connected using easy remote operation, so the user can focus on communicating with the parties on the other end. In addition, the HD Visual Communications System can be installed onto a Kani videoconference stand that was developed by Ichinotsubo Manufacturing Co. specifically to simplify movement. The HD Visual Communications System can be connected with a wireless LAN and because the Kani stand has a cable storage space in the rear, only the power cable is visible from the outside. This allows the system to be moved to necessary locations while mounted on the stand, for extremely efficient operation.

The system is used for sharing information to improve product quality between factories and to help explain how products are manufactured. This shows a screen connection between the Nara Headquarters and Mie Factory (left side of the screen), and the head office (right side of the screen).

The KX-VC300 is installed onto a Kani videoconference stand that was manufactured by Ichinotsubo Manufacturing Co.

Installation Effect

By being able to share the same quality of information among groups, communication has significantly speeded up. Confirming production processes between factories can now be done while viewing a screen that displays Excel process management charts. Operating instructions can be recorded as a video and sent with the HD Visual Communications System to newly hired employees with high-quality images and sound, which increases the level of understanding even between distant locations. Also, in the past, when defective products were found, they had to be physically delivered and checked. Now, their images can be recorded and shared using the HD Visual Communications System. The products can be viewed and described on-site, enabling a deeper level of understanding and resulting in speedier improvement of product quality. When there is a delay in production, the HD Visual Communications System can be used to instantly allocate certain parts of the production to other factories, preventing any major product delivery delays.

The HD Visual Communications System is also used at morning and lunchtime meetings to send messages between factories and to share production information.

System Configuration and Operation

Installed System

  • HD Visual Communications Unit (KX-VC300 + Boundary Microphone) ... 2 Units
  • HD Visual Communications Unit (KX-VC500 + Boundary Microphone) ... 2 Units
  • 42-inch Plasma Display ... 2 Units
  • 50-inch Plasma Display ... 2 Units