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Case Studies - Manufacturing / Kanematsu Engineering Co., Ltd.

Motivation for Installation

Kanematsu Engineering Co., Ltd. produces custom vehicles that meet specific customer needs. Because these are order-made products, highly detailed meetings are essential among the Head Office, Factory, Engineering Centre, and Branch Offices. The company has long conducted multi-site conferences using a web conference system. However, the image quality was so poor that it was difficult to distinguish people's faces, and audio delays made it necessary to concentrate on the timing during conversations. As a result, meetings were stressful, and discussions were unnatural. The company began looking into a new remote conferencing system to link its worksites.

Kanematsu Engineering Co., Ltd., with its Head Office in Kochi-city, Kochi Prefecture, has manufactured and marketed custom industrial vehicles, such as suction and cleaning trucks, that meet a wide range of customer needs since its establishment in 1971. Its mainstream products are high-power suction work trucks, high-pressure cleaning machines, and sludge dehydrators. Its unique high-power suction work trucks hold the No. 1 industry share in Japan. The products that it develops are highly acclaimed both in Japan and around the world.

Kazuhiro Takeuchi
Chief, Systems Section,
Administration Department
Kanematsu Engineering Co., Ltd.

System Selection Points

A High Evaluation Led to the Use of the HD Visual Communications System
In order to determine the best system, several companies were asked to give demonstrations. After each demonstration, questionnaires were distributed throughout the company. The HD Visual Communications System received the highest evaluation from among the competing systems.

Evaluation Point 1: High Picture and Sound Quality
All the way from the company president to the majority of the employees, it was agreed that the picture quality was incomparably more lifelike than the previous web conferencing system. The sound was also highly assessed because it was clear and had almost no delay.

Evaluation Point 2: Easy Operation
The previous web conferencing system took so long to start up, it had to remain connected most of the time. With the HD Visual Communications System, meetings could start as soon as the power was turned on. This quick start-up was very favourably judged. The previous system was also very complicated to operate, so an operator had to be present throughout each meeting. Operating the HD Visual Communications System was as easy as operating a home TV using a remote controller, so anybody in the meeting could handle it easily.

A videoconference at the Head Office

Using HDVC-MPCS* for a multi-window conference display

An HDVC-MPCS* system housed in a rack

Installation Effect

Detailed Usage
Systems are presently installed in nine sites nationwide, and run HDVC-MPCS (HDVC Multi-Point Connection Software). They are used for quality control and budget conferences once each month, weekly manager conferences each Monday, and ordinary meetings whenever required.

Usage Conditions
The high picture and sound quality has eliminated the stress from videoconferences. The number of meetings has increased, and the quality of the meetings has greatly improved. Using the HD Visual Communications System enables participants to relax more than they do in face-to-face meetings, providing them with a highly conducive environment for discussion and encouraging frank conversations. The company is also planning to use the system for seminars aimed at new employees, and for discussions regarding personnel affairs. Plans call for distributing the president's messages from the Head Office to company sites. And other uses include sharing information on PC screens that was previously handed out during meetings as printed material.

HDVC-MPCS (HDVC Multi-Point Connection Software) operating screen

System Configuration and Operation

* HDVC-MPCS: HDVC Multi-Point Connection Software

Installed System

  • KX-VCPA600 (KX-VC600 + Boundary Microphone + HD Communication Camera) ... 2 Units
  • HD Visual Communications Unit (KX-VC300 + Boundary Microphone) ... 5 Units
  • HD Visual Communications Unit (KX-VC600 + Boundary Microphone) ... 3 Units
  • Camcorder (HC-X900M-K) ... 8 Units
  • HDVC-MPCS (HDVC Multi-Point Connection Software) ... 1 Unit