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Case Studies - Printing / Komatsu Printing Co., Ltd.

Motivation for Installation

Komatsu Printing Co., Ltd. operates six production facilities and 11 sales offices nationwide. When the company receives a printing order from a customer, it sends data to the production facility closest to the customer using a data transfer system, thus reducing the delivery time. In a business meeting with other printing companies, Mr. Komatsu, the president of Komatsu Printing Company was introduced to the HD Visual Communications System. He quickly recognised the potential of the HD Visual Communications System as a tool for communication with business bases located across the country, and requested us to conduct a demonstration. We took equipment to Komatsu Printing Company and demonstrated the HD Visual Communications System and showed smooth communication with clear images and sound. President Komatsu and other members praised the system highly and decided to install it in the company. The installed system is presently used to share technical information among factories mainly in operation meetings and also in other important meetings, such as board meetings, sales meetings, meetings of department heads, quality committee meetings and process meetings.

Komatsu Printing Company is headquartered in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, and produces various types of printed materials, such as pamphlets, flyers, posters and POP materials, as well as website pages and advertisements. Combining high printing quality with short turnarounds and low costs, Komatsu Printing Company maintains high customer satisfaction. Using the data transfer system that the company constructed ahead of others in the industry, the company sends printing data to the factory closest to each customer. With this system, the company performs printing immediately to achieve quick delivery.

Ryuji Maeda
Senior staff member in the Process
Management Section
Production Control Department,
Head Office Sales Division
Komatsu Printing Co., Ltd.

System Selection Points

NAT Traversal Service for connection of 14 sites across the nation
The company installed and operates the HD Visual Communications System at 14 business sites. By using the NAT Traversal Service through the Internet for connection, we minimise the communication cost. Since the HD Visual Communications System is independent from the company LAN, it is easy to connect to other companies. In fact, three of the 14 connected sites belong to Komatsu Printing affiliated companies.

Highly evaluated point: Potential for expanded application
After watching the demonstration of the HD Visual Communications System, Komatsu Printing Company highly evaluated the HD Visual Communications System as a powerful and effective tool for communicating with business offices located around the nation and expressed expectations for its potential. Use of the HD Visual Communications System by Komatsu Printing Company serves as a good example of a proactive approach to information communication in the printing industry. The HD Visual Communications System networks are expected to expand throughout the printing industry in the near future.

Videoconference between a large meeting room in the Takamatsu Head Office and local business sites

Display and HD Visual Communications
System set up on a TV stand

Display of handout materials using projector
for effective sharing of information

Installation Effect

Factory engineers and operators working in production facilities rarely have opportunities to take a business trip. Therefore, they used to communicate with members of other factories only by phone, without face-to-face contact. Since the installation of the HD Visual Communications System, factory engineers and operators can converse with other employees at other locations while seeing their faces on the display, so they feel much closer to other company members and can concentrate on discussions in a more relaxed manner. This has vitalised the communications and allows them to engage in an in-depth discussion on essential topics. When there is a need to discuss with people in an affiliated company installed with the HD Visual Communications System, the staff of The Company can have a discussion with the staff of the affiliated company without having to travel there. These benefits further enhanced the already superior production quality and efficiency of The Company. The Company utilises the new system with the HD Visual Communications System to flexibly respond to the needs of its customers.

Large meeting room at the Takamatsu Head Office

System Configuration and Operation

Installed System

  • HD Visual Communications Unit KX-VC500 ... 4 Units
  • Boundary Microphone (Digital)
  • HD Camcorder HC-V100M-S ... 14 Units
  • 42-inch Plasma Display ... 3 Units
  • 32-inch Plasma Display ... 10 Units
  • 46-inch Plasma Display ... 1 Unit