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Case Studies - Financing and Securities / Imamura Securities Co., Ltd.

Motivation for Installation

Imamura Securities Co., Ltd. is a securities company with deep regional roots, made possible by nine branch offices in three prefectures in Hokuriku, in the northwestern part of Honshu. The company previously used a web conferencing system for meetings between head office management and branch office managers, and to explain new products to branch office employees. However, there were a number of problems in its operation. For example, the images of the connected party were too rough to see facial expressions clearly, simultaneous discussion was not possible, and one person had to serve as a moderator to determine who would speak in turn. There were also other complaints. Since it was necessary to regularly confirm that the speaker's intended message was being properly relayed to the other party, the meetings would go on for a considerable length of time. As a result, the Head Office Systems Division decided to look into remote conferencing methods that would allow them to link the head office and remote branch offices with higher-quality communication.

Established in 1921, Imamura Securities Co., Ltd. maintains nine branch offices in Ishikawa, Toyama, and Fukui Prefectures. Guided by the concept of "Self Reliance" in Every Aspect: Capital, Personnel, and Computers, the company has built a solid sales network in these three Hokuriku Prefectures. The sales staff also support internet transactions in order to contribute to each region with a finely targeted response to local needs.

Mr. Doi
Manager, Systems Division
Imamura Securities Co., Ltd.

System Selection Points

In order to take concrete steps toward introducing a videoconferencing system, they compared the systems of various manufacturers. However, when they saw actual demonstrations, they found that with some systems, the feeling of sharing the space with the other party was often lacking, and it was difficult to feel the presence of the people from the screen. It was as though we weren't really connected. When they saw the demo for the HD Visual Communications System, it felt like listening to deep, expansive surround sound, unlike anything they had experienced before. The voices from people on the right side of the screen actually came from the right side, and those from people on the left side of the screen came from the left side. The screen images and the sound matched so well, there was a surprisingly strong feeling of ambience. The other party's images were also sharp, and they could clearly see changes in their expressions. They could almost judge their feelings from their expressions. They decided on the HD Visual Communications System because it solved their problems so well.

A multi-site conference linking the head office conference room with each branch office.

A 50-inch plasma display shows
the other party's image.

A PTZ camera captures images of
the meeting conditions.

Installation Effect

The videoconferences that link our head office and branch offices make it easy to see the facial expressions of the other party, so we can tell just by their expressions whether or not they understand what we're saying. This increases our mutual understanding and improves the quality of communication. Also, whereas we needed a moderator to designate which person should speak in our web conferences, the HD Visual Communications System lets us speak simultaneously, so there's no more need for the moderator. Our conversations are no longer interrupted, so the level of communication quality doesn't drop. This also makes the meetings move more quickly. Surprisingly, we can finish what used to be a 4-hour meeting in only about 3 hours. In addition, our previous conversations were mostly only between two of the participants at a time. Other people at the meeting seldom joined in the discussion. Since introducing the new system, the fact that we no longer need a moderator makes it easier to speak freely and people just naturally join in to the conversations. For example, when talking about topics that are common to the branch offices, people share information from each of their own branch offices, such as presenting their office activities. This has the effect of adding depth to the conversations, which we really didn't even expect when we introduced the new system. It is also very easy to start and end conferences with the remote controller that is included with the HD Visual Communications System, so people can switch the system with very little effort, and there's no need to ask the Systems Division to help each time. In the future, rather than limiting the conferences to only employees, we are planning to hold events such as securities seminars for customers by linking the head office and branch offices with the HD Visual Communications System as a means of improving our customer service.

System Configuration and Operation

Installed System

  • HD Visual Communications Unit KX-VC600 ... 1 Unit
  • HD Visual Communications Unit KX-VC300 ... 8 Units
  • 50-inch Plasma Display ... 1 Unit
  • 42-inch Plasma Display ... 8 Units
  • HD Communication Camera GP-VD130 ... 9 Units
  • HD Visual Communications Multi-Point Connection Software (HDVC-MPCS) ... 1 Unit