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Case Studies - Financing and Securities / Ashikaga Bank, Ltd.

Motivation for Installation

Ashikaga Bank, Ltd., which will be celebrating its 120-year anniversary in October 2015, has been promoting their “Challenges 120 – Valiant challenges toward the 120-year anniversary of foundation,” based on its medium-term management plan which will run from April 2013 to March 2016. This plan is aimed at keeping the benchmark OHR within 60% to pursue better efficiency. In order to achieve this, the BPR (by reviewing the configuration of current business operations and restructuring to optimize business flow) is pursued, and emphasis is placed on making work more efficient and achieving benchmark goals. Reducing the amount of time spent away from work due to meetings and training sessions held in remote locations and reducing travel expenses were explored as ways to achieve these goals.

System Selection Points

When considering whether to implement videoconferences, Ashikaga Bank took a look at actual devices used by several companies and selected the HD Visual Communications (HDVC) System based on its high image and sound quality. Videoconferences were used in the past, but in their experience, the images were grainy, the sound was inconsistent, and the video was frequently disconnected. That is why they gave such high acclaim to the HDVC System, which enabled realistic and natural conversations. The easy daily operation and user-friendliness were also important points. The intuitive remote controller allows smooth sharing of computer documents at the beginning and during meetings, which let them feel that this system was optimal for use on an everyday basis. In addition, when using the videoconferencing system in different conference rooms, it can be moved using a rack and the lack of cables makes it easy to set up.

Hold meetings by connecting the conference room at the head office with the computer center.

Images shown on displays at the computer center.

Main device and dedicated camera installed in the conference room.

Founded in 1895, Ashikaga Bank currently operates 153 branches mainly in Tochigi Prefecture (102 main and branch offices, 51 sub-branch level offices). Based on a corporate philosophy that comprises the concepts of “To contribute to the creation of affluence,” “In harmony with our region,” and “With pride in our hearts and a smile on our faces,” the bank is determined to justify the trust and meet the expectations of all customers in the community, as a comprehensive financial institution.

Kazuto Misawa
Operating Officer
Business Planning Department
Ashikaga Bank, Ltd.

Satoshi Gunji
Division Manager
IT Management Department,
Infrastructure Operation Group
Ashikaga Bank, Ltd.

Installation Effect

The HDVC System is used for many conferences and training sessions. At the division director association, the division manager based in Tokyo recently participated in a meeting held in Utsunomiya. Using this method, not only were they able to save on the traveling time and expenses, the amount of time that the division manager spent away from work was also significantly reduced. Also, the need for a company car when connecting the head office and the computer center for implementing various projects related to the system was no longer required. The system also helped to keep meetings going smoothly by enabling people to participate on short notice or leave their seats to retrieve necessary documents during the meeting. In addition to videoconferences, the system can be effectively used for training sessions. Up until now, visual content was used as a study tool for individuals, but when a situation arises that requires the user to return to work midway through, it resulted in a loss of concentration. Using the HDVC System for a two-way training session led to improved learning efficiency by enabling users to focus in a limited amount of time. Also, part-time employees who previously couldn’t participate due to the location of the training sessions and the time required to prepare the systems at the venues could take part with ease, resulting in a more efficient method of gaining knowledge. When the system was first implemented, the installation locations were carefully selected based on their degree of utilization and conference room sizes, but after realizing their actual effects, the expansion of installation in a wide range of locations was considered. In addition, the systems can also be used as a BCP (Business Continuity Planning) countermeasure during emergencies that would interrupt work during problem situations, such as large-scale natural disasters, system failures, and infectious disease epidemics, to enable the continuation or early resumption of business operations.

System Configuration and Operation

Installed System

  • HD Visual Communications Unit KX-VC1600 ... 1 Unit
  • HD Visual Communications Unit KX-VC1300 ... 9 Units
  • Digital Boundary Microphone KX-VCA001 ... 10 Units
  • HD Communication Camera GP-VD151 ... 10 Units