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Case Studies - Public Welfare / Kankyo Corporation

Motivation for Installation

One of the challenges faced by Kankyo Corporation, which has been expanding their business enterprise from year to year with a focus on welfare equipment rental, has been how to efficiently share information to an increasing number of bases. Organizational changes were made in July 2015 as part of this solution. The business structure, which until then had primarily focused on branch offices, was changed to an area manager system, and the management department was structurally grouped. In order to conduct smoother communication between each of the areas and branches spread out among the Tohoku region, the implementation of a video conferencing system was considered. Since high-quality images and sounds were required for business conferences, as well as for the research of new products and the sharing of maintenance information, the HD Visual Communications System was selected. Presently, the Head Office, Sales Promotion Department, and Main Branch Offices of three areas are equipped with HD Visual Communications Systems, while other Branch Offices use video conferencing based on personal computers installed with the HD Visual Communication Mobile application, to connect all of the company's bases.

System Selection Points

In addition to conducting conferences, the company needs to transmit a wide variety of information, such as holding seminars for new wheelchair products and sharing maintenance information for products that have been returned following rental use. In all of these cases, extremely small parts must be clearly displayed. For this reason, high image quality is essential. By inserting a mobile connection extension (available for a fee) into the HD Visual Communications System and installing the HD Visual Communication Mobile application (free of charge) into a mobile device, it is possible to participate in conferences from any Windows terminal over an IP-VPN intranet. With an intranet environment already set up between each base, Kankyo Corporation was able to operate a system that connects each of their Branch Offices without incurring additional running costs. In addition, even though the employees do not possess the same level of skills, the HD Visual Communications System can be operated intuitively using remote controller.

Conducting training workshops for new wheelchair products from the Head Office
to various base locations.

Hosting conferences for business representatives from staff computers.

An HD Visual Communications System installed in the conference room.

Established in 1983, Kankyo Corporation has a history that spans over 30 years. The company supports self-reliance through the sale and rental of welfare equipment. Emphasizing the importance of offering hygienic welfare equipment that can be used with ease and that suits user needs, our business policy consists of “pursuing a reassuring and safe service,” “constantly improving the quality of their service,” and “contributing to the community.” We continue to provide services from the perspective of our users under intensive hygienic management and quality control.

Sho Abe, Director
Corporate Planning Office/
General Manager &
Sales Promotion Manager
Kankyo Corporation

Installation Effect

The various prefectures in the Tohoku region cover a large area and experience heavy snowfall in winter. As Kankyo Corporation’s business expands and the number of bases and the distance between them increase, so does the amount of time and cost required for transportation. In order to minimize time and cost, the HD Visual Communications System is used for a wide range of business situations. The area managers, who often work from the Head Office, use the HD Visual Communications System to participate in monthly base conferences. This allows them to make decisions and transmit information in a speedy manner. Also, by transmitting workshops for new products that are sponsored by manufacturers, which until the present were held in individual bases, from the Head Office, it has become possible to cover all bases at once to increase efficiency. With a large part of their business based on the rental of nursing care products, they are required to disinfect returned products and repair any malfunctions. Using the HD Visual Communications System, they can now share information regarding the maintenance of their products with distant bases using clear images. Until now, they mainly used groupware, and conveyed messages using images and text. With the interactive HD Visual Communications System, they are able to significantly increase the speed of communication. In addition, by introducing a “mobile connection extension,” they are able to achieve flexible videoconferences without limiting them to specific employees. Being able to participate in conferences from individual computers has contributed to much smoother business. For sales operations, which often require large amounts of deskwork, it is difficult for the people in charge to leave their desk each time there is a visiting client or telephone call, and transferring conferences for business managers to conference rooms using the HD Visual Communications System can sometimes be difficult. By using the mobile connection extension and HD Visual Communication Mobile application, it is possible to participate in conferences right from their own desk, eliminating the need to move to a conference room. In the future, a wide range of uses can be expected, such as holding integrated morning meetings with the HD Visual Communications System and conveying management messages to all employees.

System Configuration and Operation

Installed System

  • HD Visual Communications Unit KX-VC1600 ... 1 Unit
  • HD Visual Communications Unit KX-VC1300 ... 4 Units
  • Digital Boundary Microphone KX-VCA001 ... 5 Units
  • HD Communication Camera GP-VD131 ... 1 Unit