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London 2012 Olympic Games and London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG)

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HD Video Conferencing Equipment Utilised at London 2012 Olympic Games

HD Video Conferencing Equipment were used widely at the Games of the XXX Olympiad from very start to end for a variety of purposes. HD Video Conferencing Equipment feature high resolution images in Full-HD and full-duplex audio in broadband stereo for clear sound quality. They facilitated constant conference during the London 2012 Olympic Games preparations, and video conferencing during it. HD Video Conferencing Equipment also displayed live Olympic images on giant displays and provided conversation to schools worldwide through a Panasonic-supported educational programme. Offering life-like conversation regardless of location, HD Video Conferencing Equipment further enhanced the London 2012 Olympic Games by supporting smooth event management and providing realistic images that allowed viewers to directly experience the on-the-ground excitement.

Equipment Location Map (Six locations)

Video conferencing

HD Video Conferencing Equipment allowed members of the central organization running and managing the London 2012 Olympic Games to share information. When decisions had to be made quickly, HD Video Conferencing Equipment supported management operations, accurately relaying every information detail.

Communications with schools

Olympic Games news from London was sent to children in elementary and junior high schools worldwide through KWN (Kids Witness News), a Panasonic-supported global educational Programme. HD Video Conferencing Equipment facilitated distance learning with schools in Japan and Singapore during the London 2012 Olympic Games. KWN was letting children all around the world share the joy of being linked in to those glorious moments.

Displaying live images

HD Video Conferencing Equipment linked two featured locations along the Cycling Road Race route, which extended from London to the city’s outskirts. Images sent to Box Hill were shown on LED Large-Screen Display Systems. Spectators in Box Hill could experience the unfolding excitement during the start of the race at The Mall (in front of Buckingham Palace) through to the breathtaking finish.

Providing communications

HD Video Conferencing Equipment let workers on separate floors of the same building hold life-like conversations, for excellent communication. Undelayed images and sounds made it feel as if all were in the same room together during the event preparation period. HD Video Conferencing Equipment were also used for video conferences between IOC*1 office in Switzerland and LOCOG*2 office during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

*1: International Olympic Committee
*2: London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Ltd.