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Why Panasonic?

High Sound Quality

Natural 2-way conversations are achieved thanks to a unique echo canceller. It reduces echo and howling, and enables a lifelike sound quality without interruptions even when two people speak at the same time. Broadband stereo achieves clear and expansive sounds. In addition, a boundary microphone (sold separately) with a direction recognition function, indicates the direction of the speaker's voice and position to the listeners. This creates a natural conversation that makes it feel like everyone is in the same room even when they are in remote locations, and relieves fatigue when talking for long periods of time.

AV-QoS Control : Stress-free conference

Packet losses for the HDVC System and HDVC Mobile are prevented by the rate control (AV-QoS), and lost packets are restored by the combined use of the forward error correction and automatic repeat request control. Even if the bandwidth decreases after communication starts, clear communication is maintained according to the communication line condition. Up to 256 kbps of images and sounds can be transmitted per site. Connection without disrupting the image or interrupting the sound is possible even with a low bandwidth.

AV-QoS is also supported for mobile devices.

Comparison of communication quality with congested network connection

Without AV-QoS

Frequent image and sound disruptions

With AV-QoS

Minimum image and sound disruptions

Comparison with a congested network connection. (Packet loss 5%)
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AV-QoS - Panasonic original rate control technology

How AV-QoS works

The rate control accurately estimates the congestion of the network and controls the amount of data to be transferred to prevent packet losses. It suppresses image disruptions and audio interruptions even when using an Internet connection whose available bandwidth fluctuates depending on network traffic.

High followability during bandwidth variations

The HDVC System finely controls the package volume based on constantly changing bandwidths for network bandwidth fluctuation of user traffic with the rate control, and continuously follows up in accordance with bandwidth variations. By suppressing the generation of packet losses, a stable connection environment can be achieved.

* The diagram is a conceptual diagram that depicts the changes of the packet in an easy to understand manner.

Low Bandwidth Communication Supported

The HD Video Conferencing Unit enables communication at low bandwidths by adjusting to the network status. Video and audio communication at 256 kbps/site minimum, and audio-only communication at 192 kbps/site minimum are possible.*

* For 2-site communication. Actual communication varies depending on the network status and settings.

For appropriate sound quality

The other party’s voice might be difficult to hear depending on the room conditions, built-in speaker of display. In order to utilize videoconference with good sound, it is recommended to use external speakers.

For details, please contact your dealer.