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Why Panasonic?

Camera Control : Intuitive operation

The remote control of the HDVC System lets you control the pan, tilt and zoom operations of dedicated cameras mounted at the home location and a distant site. A PC and sub camera can be easily switched with a single press of the button. The remote control features a user-friendly button layout just like that on a TV remote control, thus allowing intuitive operation.

  • Pan
  • HD Communication Camera lens rotates ±100° in horizontal direction.

    Applicable models: GP-VD151, GP-VD131

  • Tilt
  • HD Communication Camera lens
    rotates ±30° in vertical direction.

    Applicable model: GP-VD151 (±20° in

  • Zoom
  • Optical zoom enlarges images up to 12 times.

    Applicable model: GP-VD151 (3x optical zoom in GP-VD131)

External control of Power ON/OFF

The main unit of the HDVC System can be turned ON/OFF from the remote control and also from the external device connected to the serial interface.

* When power is supplied to the main unit of the HDVC System from the AC adaptor, the system enters standby status.
* The HDVC System can be turned ON/OFF using the Power switch on the main unit or on the remote control.

Power ON/OFF and Status Indicators

* If the main power switch has turned off due to a power outage or by manual operation (example, disconnection of extension cord), the HDVC System starts up in the previous status (Ready or Stand-by) next time power is supplied.

Triple Monitor Capability : Accurate communication of information

The HDVC System supports H.239/BFCP dual streaming to simultaneously transmit the home location image and a PC document image and to simultaneously receive the image of a distant site and a PC document image. The KX-VC2000/KX-VC1600 features a Triple Monitor function*, which can display a PC document, the image of a distant site and the image of the home location separately on three monitors. Display of a PC document on a large screen facilitates understanding and provides effective visual communication.

* Supported by the KX-VC2000/KX-VC1600.

* The KX-VC1300 / KX-VC1000 supports Dual Monitor. For KX-VC1000, an Activation Key is necessary to use 2 monitors.

Detailed inspection of product or parts

The image of a product sample or parts captured with a Sub Camera can be shown to other parties during a videoconference.
The clear, high-resolution images displayed by the HDVC System allow close examination of material textures and small details that are difficult to see with the bare eyes.

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Sharing of PC documents through high-resolution images

With the HDVC System, you can display PC data, such as images and presentation documents, to other parties. It enables smooth sharing of documents and other information in high-resolution 1920 x 1080 Full-HD for various applications such as presentations and training.

Easy-to-understand remote lectures and seminars are conducted at multiple sites

The lecturer can proceed with the lecture while watching the conditions of the people attending at multiple sites, and the attendants can display reference materials and the image of the lecturer on separate screens. The easy-to-see screens make it easier to understand the content of the lecture.

Presentation Mode

This mode is suited to lectures where the main site displays composite images of the sub-sites, and the sub-sites display only the main site image.

Dual Monitor/Dual Stream Operation Example

External Control Interface

A disclosed external device interface allows control over the network from an external device other than the remote. Due to CGI use, applications can be developed on Windows®, Linux®, iOS (iPad/iPhone), Android™ and other platforms regardless of the type of OS.

* Please ask your nearest dealer for details.

• Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
• Linux is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.S. and other countries.
• Microsoft and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Recording Capability

This function lets you output the audio for your site via RCA cables in addition to an HDMI cable. Video and audio signals can be input to external video equipment, so you can record HD Visual Communications System meetings without an external mixer or special microphone for your site.